• Tuesday Ten: Tracks of the Month (April)

    1 May 2007, 17:47 de amodelofcontrol

    So here we are into another month (May already, wtf?), and so it's time for my now semi-monthly rundown of tracks that I love right now:

    Decades (V2)

    This first appeared last year on a compilation [Accession Records Vol.3], as the first taste of what was to come from Tom Shear's now long-running project. It was fantastic then, and it's reworked state is even better as the opening track on new album Meta. Underpinned - unusually - by a ticking clock and then the more usual A23 staples of a great beat, meticulous production and a soaring chorus, it all meshes wonderfully into the best A23 track in years.

    Water Is Not Enough
    Given to the Rising
    The kings of , slow and metal are back with their first album in a good few years, and if this track is anything to go by (it is on the Terrorizer cover CD this month) we are in for a treat yet again. Nothing has really changed all that much - it is still , for the most part, with the almost bluesy vocals, the chugging riffs, the samples and electronics that divebomb out of nowhere all still present and correct. There are many bands that have tried to replicate what these guys do, but none come close to this.