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Cyanide and Happiness is a webcomic hosted on Explosm.net and written by four authors with occasional contributions from guests. It was founded on 9 December 2004 and has hosted almost daily comics since 26 January 2005. It appears frequently on social networking sites (such as Myspace and LiveJournal), 4chan, Funnyjunk.com, web forums, and blogs as it openly allows and encourages fans to hotlink images, a behavior that many webcomics frown upon as "leeching". The comic's authors attribute the comic's success to its often controversial nature.
The site has claimed over a million daily visitors (as of November 20, 2006) and is ranked 2,777th among the most viewed websites and 1,338th in the US alone, according to Alexa.com. The creators also have made comics and television advertisements for Orange Mobile's Orange Wednesdays, which have appeared in The Sun newspaper.

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