• Lyle & the Lounge Lizards play the Arena, or Better Heard than Seen?

    21 Feb 2006, 04:06 by jcshepard

    I saw Lyle Lovett perform live in the Brick Breeden basketball arena at Montana State University up in Bozeman a couple years ago. Class act. He had the Big Band along, with the horns & all, and it was an awesome show.

    However, Lyle is not an arena rock star. Lyle is a club act, a lounge lizard if you will. Lyle sings intimate and humorous songs where you kinda want to actually hear the nuance of the lyric. I heard Lech Welensa from Poland speak at the fieldhouse, and they flubbed the sound system then too. When there's no mosh pit involved, there's really not much point to an arena.

    Back when Dwight Yoakam was a bigger act, I saw him play the Pit at UNM in Albuquerque. He filled the place, and had lazers & all sorts of fancy stuff. Couldn't understand a damn thing he said. It would have been nice to catch his drift, but you could still dance to it.

    Interestingly with the troubles the Great Computer Brain has had in processing our prodigious charts lately…