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  • Avatar for calsimon
    don't forget it!
  • Avatar for stranging
    that is one hell of a song
  • Avatar for wowzmelissa
    "doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doot the worst is over" The choir at the end just kills me every time.
  • Avatar for dancefloorgasm
  • Avatar for meanmrmustard
    Forgot I was listening to Cursive towards the end. not a good thing or a bad thing. just a thing.
  • Avatar for continuallylost
    i particularly like the varying tones in voices when "the worst is over" is sung. Beautiful/Epic/Wholesome.
  • Avatar for magnoliamagmay
    i like long songs :)
  • Avatar for VGKS
    stunningly epic
  • Avatar for upliftingnews
    the worst is over
  • Avatar for ghosttownblues
    It's been one of my all-time favorite songs for years now. Perfection.
  • Avatar for Maggi1337
    'i have decided tonight, I'm staying alive.' if only someone else had made that decision :(
  • Avatar for extraaaa
  • Avatar for musicman10489
    Absolutely mind-blowing.
  • Avatar for Teelop
    Epic, beautiful, depressing, uplifting, intense, calming, soothing.. i could keep going.
  • Avatar for featherxchild
    Makes me melllltt
  • Avatar for lolFerrets
    Incredible song.
  • Avatar for sleepwalkr50187
    They played this mid set last tour.
  • Avatar for roberthuston
    love this track. he played it live the last tour, summer 09, and wow it was just amazing! just amazing!
  • Avatar for melkmeintogepi
    Conor Midas Oberst
  • Avatar for TheAmericanWest
    great band
  • Avatar for calsimon
    great song.
  • Avatar for tc4racer
  • Avatar for electricido
    yip, hope!
  • Avatar for mister_electric
  • Avatar for lepetitvulcan
    this song is haunting. one of my favorites from this brilliant album.
  • Avatar for Bandaged_Iris
    I wasn't a huge fan of this album as a whole, but this song is amazing...
  • Avatar for redbaronbicycle
    this song is so powerful.
  • Avatar for takeyouonacruis
    The worst is over... One of my favorite albums of all time
  • Avatar for m0nkfish
    ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive
  • Avatar for Po_Boy
    i think this sounds epic.
  • Avatar for theeviltenor
    oh god how it takes me back. so great.
  • Avatar for delitax
    There are things far too dark to comprehend...
  • Avatar for aestheticx7
    the perfect ending.
  • Avatar for quercusrenatus
  • Avatar for Jack_Owen
    i've decided tonight i'm staying alive
  • Avatar for mikarigolo
    Aprés l'effort, le réconfort nous disent les deux dernières minutes. Blavo blavo blavo
  • Avatar for kristenbrutus
    best outro ever
  • Avatar for adaam2
    best song on The Ugly Organ
  • Avatar for DMBtheStoned
  • Avatar for electricido
    the worst is oover! best song for a perfect ending of a record. amazing!
  • Avatar for jantunf
    10 minutes well spent.
  • Avatar for adverseentropy
    The worst is over.
  • Avatar for Perionychium
    Breathtaking. Seriously.
  • Avatar for TrapezeSwinger5
    easily the best cursive song
  • Avatar for nioka
    'Doo do doo do doo do doo do Doo do doo do doo do doo do Doo do doo do doo do doo do The worst is over...' just astonishingly beautiful!
  • Avatar for bexestabueno
    one of the best songs from this album.
  • Avatar for kid6488
    My favorite.
  • Avatar for voltazmic225
    beautiful song
  • Avatar for vivo966
    du du du du...

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