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Cursed Arrows (initially known as Arrows) is a loud husband-and-wife rock band from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, consisting of Ryan Stanley (formerly of The Vermicious Knid) and Jackie Stanley. They independently released their debut full-length album, Knives Are Falling from the Sky in 2007, recorded and mixed by the band at a remote cottage in the Ontario wilderness.

Eliciting comparisons to The Pixies, Nirvana, Heavy Vegetable, and Pavement, Cursed Arrows push themselves to write songs they would want to hear, and allow their musical influences, political views, and intense emotional dynamic to pervade their recordings and live shows. Why fight what makes it right?

Their official website is cursedarrows.com

Reviews of Knives Are Falling from the Sky:

"Stark, emotion-drenched post-punk."
~ Within Earshot blog

"Knives Are Falling from the Sky rips into beefy, sludgy guitars that not so subtly allude to Nirvana at its messiest or Sebadoh at its most stoned."

"Bombastic, dark rock."
~ Delusions of Adequacy

"Rocking out in marital bliss, Ryan Stanley (guitar, vocals) and Jackie Stanley (drums, vocals) demonstrate the awesome capabilities of a two-piece…Arrows’ slightly warped, toweringly passionate rock has roots in the folk and punk leanings of Pavement and Nirvana, even extending towards the dynamic classical progressions of Mew, in places. Ryan’s guitar playing is full-bodied and harmonically inventive, filling the speakers with thunderous power chords or deft picking patterns that capably cover the absent bass space. Jackie is a powerhouse on the kit, choosing her parts supportively while maintaining a stomping intensity to match the vigour of the duo’s poetic, socially reflective lyrical sentiments. Constant harmonies keep the songs sounding full and the raw, self-recorded production seems suitable for this adept opening volley from these indie rock revolutionaries."
~ Exclaim! (Toronto)

"Without colour-coded gimmicks or incestuous insinuations, Arrows bring a dark and brooding melodic density to the husband-and-wife guitar/drum duo genre. On their debut, Knives Are Falling From the Sky, Guelph’s Mr. and Mrs. Stanley bury the mixing board’s needle to get maximum impact out of former Vermicious Knid member Ryan’s burly distortion and Jackie’s brittle skins-bashing. Their gorgeous boy-girl harmonies and traded verses aside, it’s a sound that effectively marries Lightning Dust with The Melvins…But it’s the nuanced power chords, obscure lyrics and crashing, existential excitement of opener Here in Time, as well as the title track, that certify Arrows’ valiant attempt at a post-grunge masterpiece."
~ Eye Weekly (Toronto)

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