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  1. When Woods Make Graves is a one man Black Metal project from Liverpool, England. Drawing influences from Burzum, Darkspace/Paysage D'Hiver,…

  2. Shoegazing black metal from Washington state

    "Help a Body" - 2010
    "Joy" - 2013

  3. Nameless Coyote is a one man shoegaze/black metal/post rock project from the San Francisco bay area.


  4. Pisa, Italy (2009 - Present)

    GOTTESMORDER is a 3 pieces Italian atmospheric black metal band born in late 2009 and consisting of Nicola…

  5. http://prisonofmirrors.bandcamp.com

  6. Chrome Waves was formed in the summer of 2010 by current and former members of Nachtmystium, The Gates of Slumber, The Atlas Moth, and Twilight.…

  7. http://www.wildsreprisal.com/
    Wild’s Reprisal is the solo project of Gedden Cascadia. The music is reflective of deeply held ecocentric beliefs and a…

  8. Pagan melodic black metal hailing from California.

  9. This White Mountain is the brain-child of founding member and sole-writing force, Kevin Narowski. Formed in late 2008 in Connecticut, USA, an…

  10. Norke is Atmospheric Black Metal from Canada!
    For more Information check this site : http://www.myspace.com/norke
    Discography :
    Norke - Era (2011


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