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  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Amazing performance in Moscow! CV is always in the league of his own.
  • Avatar for joycey22
    Pneumatics is his latest bangalang. This guy is unmatched for dark, heavy, technically heavy DnB. Some good techno too:
  • Avatar for kirsten889
    Mothman/Evac man. Top notch.
  • Avatar for rolfeijg
    Madness! Love the new Biocellulose LP and last years Force Black EP is probably the best thing that happened to dark dnb / neurofunk in years.
  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Biocellulose is great, every track on it is a killer, except of collaborations with Mefjus and Phace, they are shit producers.
  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    Probably the most forward thinking and technologically advanced musician I know, along with Dean Rodell. I didn't like some of his recent commercially-oriented outputs though. He is a genius of dark and frozen crystal-clear sci-fi dnb, I think he should keep going this way. No jump-up cheese, please.
  • Avatar for BassExtractor
    The best kind of DnB, mmmmh delicious~
  • Avatar for Herr_Apathy
  • Avatar for Cortez2142
    So CV is approaching Neurofunk now? Hell yeah. The Nitro EP is pure fire.
  • Avatar for CriticalSwitch
    The newer material disappoints. Dislike the modern neurofunk tone on Nitro. Where is heaviness? Where is the atmosphere? Bring us back your ruthless drums and oppressive synths, Tim!
  • Avatar for DJMianek
    " Whiplash " LIKEEE THIS!!<3
  • Avatar for Zmeyro
    Grin - so simple, but sooooo cool.
  • Avatar for Dream-core
  • Avatar for Lucas_Grow
    The master!
  • Avatar for cenaAlien
    I upload some photos. Vote if you like
  • Avatar for Art969
    ебанутая на всю голову электронщина. мне нравится
  • Avatar for ANTxNY
    "ghost rider" looks like "i'm your father"
  • Avatar for B1smarck
    Sonic Barrier EP = ownage
  • Avatar for deednb
    stay on this planet! big up!
  • Avatar for IamChaoz
    Ghost Rider is an absolute mind fuck.
  • Avatar for Selfsurprise
    How have I overlooked that Ghost Rider track? Psionic drug potential.
  • Avatar for Asmodeus1988
    slowed down Prism, holly shit
  • Avatar for comate11
    Maaan. You are sick bastard. I love you !
  • Avatar for hexoptus
    v yeah, bugs me too
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    Even when a new magnificent release is out, Dark Rain remains on top :/ what the heck
  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    Yeah Stay On This Planet is damn good. It reminds me of turn of the century type techstep, you know, Biotic and the like, but with modern production values. You could say, CURRENT production va..Iiiiii think it's better that I don't finish that sentence.
  • Avatar for Paoolina
  • Avatar for IamChaoz
    Dark Rain is E P I C
  • Avatar for Reizikini
    Can't get enough of Mothman and Evac it's like a trip gone wrong, Cheers!
  • Avatar for Reizikini
    I agree Command was the Highlight of the album, Thoses Experimental Militarystep Songs are ace. But it feel kinda more... Lack of like... Ideas, Maybe... Every song had a synth pad going and then Filtered to the drop which was the whole song at that point...
  • Avatar for B1smarck
    It would have been a much bigger deal if he was russian :)
  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    His English is great. Which wouldn't be this big a deal if he wasn't German
  • Avatar for Skvirp-
    idk. Last EP not good =\ Command only
  • Avatar for shakedatthang
    Polar Position, m8s. Polar Position.
  • Avatar for ImpressionOTB
    Check it out!(#DrumAndBass #8bit #Core #Experimental #BassMusic #Exe)
  • Avatar for bombaj
  • Avatar for raketo
    GET ON
  • Avatar for B1smarck
    The new album is disappointing.
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    Monster! <333
  • Avatar for Reizikini
  • Avatar for hexoptus
    finally hit 1 m plays
  • Avatar for Considerables
    I mean, songs like G2 Hunt and This World? Perfect.
  • Avatar for Considerables
    One of the best DnB DJ's out right now, hands-down.
  • Avatar for Reverser91
    Finally! 1 milion scrobbles ^O^
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    shit's so chaotic i came buckets
  • Avatar for zl64c
    performance in Poland was AWESOME !
  • Avatar for Sincetta
    This guy needs to make more stuff with limewax, they go together nicely
  • Avatar for raketo
    Quantum Physics realy good. Best LP from CV imo!
  • Avatar for NeonAbstraction
    Fuck Calyx & Teebe and BSE. Quantum Physics - album of the year.
  • Avatar for exepe
    Del Mar is good.


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