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  • Avatar for FluffyButty
    Love that outro ♥
  • Avatar for monkey-ronin
    This is a tremendous song from a really strong album.
  • Avatar for FxXxR
    v while I like Pelican, this is actually an insult to CoL
  • Avatar for atopis
    They sound so much like Pelican.. good stuff.
  • Avatar for familyguy02011
    Holy shit that opening riff [2]
  • Avatar for The_Cole_Train
    Holy shit that opening riff
  • Avatar for Magnum_Silvered
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song
  • Avatar for mwdf
    Impending chaos, implied, around the corner, coming to crush you.
  • Avatar for HardKjell
    This is so wizard!
  • Avatar for Sahrazad
    pusssssyyyyyy <3
  • Avatar for bigkajamma
    One of CoL's best. period.
  • Avatar for jodyg
    almighty Owl God
  • Avatar for HayrVay
    Awesome riff, bass and drums.
  • Avatar for dukey42
    my favourite part is 2:10-2:30
  • Avatar for lunacracker
    hm this is called "owlgod" in spotify.. any ways to fix that? >_<
  • Avatar for n0umena
    ridiculous riffs
  • Avatar for h20s
    This whole album is great, very well thought out and put together. It sounds like the soundtrack to insanity (especially considering the story behind it...)
  • Avatar for tru_dude
    love the outro
  • Avatar for VLFBERHT
    Great song!
  • Avatar for yu00
    This song actually destroys me
  • Avatar for oFATBLACKMANo
    fuck yeah like fourteen kills in a row fuck man
  • Avatar for AerosmithFan112
    fucking awesome
  • Avatar for Slaything
    0:07-0:08 - fucking bonecrushing way to open a great album
  • Avatar for muraliavarma
    I love it when the song goes into slow-mode and never comes back...
  • Avatar for 2ool
  • Avatar for Shaunography
    This gives me chills. So epic.
  • Avatar for Magnum_Silvered
    I'd like a longer outro for this song. Anyways, that part is one of their finest moments for me.
  • Avatar for dukey42
  • Avatar for PePeush
    Great begining on ET.
  • Avatar for baphometmsk
    Amazing song
  • Avatar for Argaalofthemyst
    I also have that.
  • Avatar for moreaupat
    tila tila addictive, great intro
  • Avatar for Hejno_vran
    Best song EK album.
  • Avatar for Topide
    Cool name.
  • Avatar for Bodements
  • Avatar for mikroos
    Gosh! Stuff's so intense! I just love them.
  • Avatar for Seasonreaper
    Kicks ass.
  • Avatar for Bockop
    yay :D
  • Avatar for adornoir
    hell yeah. 3 plays. and thousands to come.

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