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  • Avatar for Evilmantheone
    They produced the best metal / electronic crossover i've heard. Still heavy to this day, it's sad their reunion didn't worked better.
  • Avatar for CodeDVA
    Pleasure kick !
  • Avatar for Nihilistic23
    Love these guys! fucking brutal! <3 Musick from the doorway next to ranch apocalypse ...
  • Avatar for SynTecH-X
    Anyone knows why Search Engine never get released? It sounds really decent!
  • Avatar for ne_tru_e
    Описание делал кто-то явно сильно под впечатлением. Каша какая-то.
  • Avatar for bodysnatcher4
    Hatesong should be a lot higher
  • Avatar for tdriley
    Marc Heal's website where he posts stories about his life and 90s-era Industrial music with Cubanate
  • Avatar for Auland
    After listening the hell out of Cut by C-Tec, this stuff is pretty awesome.
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    -- from Cubanate's FB page. Lame :( Ah well, at least we've still got Phil and his killer riffs.
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    "Marc here. I should have posted this a while back, but I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided conclusively not to do another Cubanate album. I was a real blast getting back into studio with Phil – and he came up with some brilliant music. But I’m doing something different with my life now and I’ve come to the conclusion to leave it. Thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it. I'll keep posting."
  • Avatar for ackstorm
    Interference FTW
  • Avatar for Lenblam
    sounds like Killing Joke and Motorhead going techno. Gnarly!
  • Avatar for tema_tracid
    another thanks to gran turismo.
  • Avatar for tdriley
    Have been listening to old Cubanate in anticipation of the new album. GETTING VERY EXCITED NOW!
  • Avatar for Marcus_Loss
    thank you, gran turismo
  • Avatar for Akatian
    Interference is so good.
  • Avatar for jamie_smart
    Great to see you are back at it .... all the best from me & oz (empirion) must be somthing in the air we are back in the studio working on some new tracks aswell ,,,,, bring on 2011
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    I suggest you visit my [url=]blog[/url] in case you would like some interesting music like this artist.
  • Avatar for SpecialEd85
    "The first new Cubanate material since 1998 will be released in January 2011 on the forthcoming Alfa Matrix compilation "Electronic Body Matrix 1". Other artists on the compilation include Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Funker Vogt and many others. The new Cubanate track is called "We Are Crowd", it's a mid-tempo romper-stomper. More to come." -
  • Avatar for rakehell
    They're working on new material. Excellent!
  • Avatar for Rivetheadych
    interference is awesome
  • Avatar for MKDELTA
    Jesus fucking christ Interference is GOOD. Why didn't I listen to this before!!???
  • Avatar for defileddelicacy
    Fucking shame +1
  • Avatar for Spawny2000
  • Avatar for matt_organic
    Cubanate were fucking awesome. Shame they don't get the retrospective respect they deserve.
  • Avatar for AcronymBlood_
    My last name is Barbosa.. close enough to the album name Barbarossa >:c
  • Avatar for ShatteredCiv
    Rabbit Junk? Left Spine Down? Cyanotic? Let's all give thanks to Cubanate!
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    Love hurts when you're bleeding from the mouth...BLACKOUT!!
  • Avatar for TheBlackRaven87
    Antimatter is some good album! Junky, Exert / Disorder and Kill Or Cure are the best so far.
  • Avatar for tenrapid
    heh, just got Antimatter and Cyberia from a friend - i haven't listened to them since the late 90s... i remember the days of dancing to Bodyburn, Junky, Oxyacetylene, Hatesong and Lord of the Flies in goth/industrial clubs :)
  • Avatar for DAVERUIZ
  • Avatar for Sergoy
    Time to build you up... Time to knock you down!
  • Avatar for alfahonan
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    Reform the fucking band you slags.
  • Avatar for ErikTricity
    y'all should have a look at metaltech
  • Avatar for alfahonan
    Indeed the best band ever…
  • Avatar for rayzrrayner
    Combichrist has nothing on these guys.
  • Avatar for chimaira_addict
    oh gran turismo soundtrack...what would you be without this band?
  • Avatar for rxchy
    Great band indeed.
  • Avatar for Force_Bleue
    miyl444 >> Phil Barry is no more a member of Cubanate. He has two projects: Be My Enemy ( and Venus Smiles (
  • Avatar for akazancev
    nice kick ass band.
  • Avatar for miyl444
    I saw these guys at a hole in the wall joint in 96. Are they still creating or did the project disband?
  • Avatar for temperacetylene
    Cubanate need more attention than they have now. This band kicks major tail. Terrorists indeed! >D Love them!
  • Avatar for daturablackout
    Great band.
  • Avatar for TaZaRNRS
    Pretty nice! :)
  • Avatar for alfahonan
    Why isn’t there more great music like this out in the world....
  • Avatar for mrweithy
    interference is their best album as far as beats and variation go
  • Avatar for mental_shock
    truly terrorists!
  • Avatar for Gonzor24
    Autonomy in Gran Turismo Intro is awesome!!
  • Avatar for Indeckz
    Great Music


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