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CryStar (a.k.a. Nick Subtle) was born in Sussex, England in 1981. He has been making music since 1997 when playing guitar in a school band and started experimenting with sound many years before. Playing with keyboards and making home made tape recordings. Many of his influences came from classical music and 70s prog-rock. Since then he has discovered the wonders of computer music and has found his love of lushious sounds and glitched trip-hop beats grow over the last 7 or 8 years. Now with official releases available from bandcamp, there are many tracks available online and there have been some locally distributed self-release works. He is currently working on an album project to be finished by the end of the year.

When DJing, his sets can vary greatly. From dub reggae and hip hop, to mashed up electro, crunchy atonal noise, swing, jazz and just about anything with a groove and an edge.

Shock Taktix - October 2010

Also see: Darkwing (Deep, minimal house/techno)
Tysarc (Progressive & improvised post-rock/jazz freakout)


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