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  • Avatar for ffxi_frohike
    Jesus and the Mary Chain should... probably be on the list of "similar artists."
  • Avatar for faridmon
    Nature Noir was kind of disappointing. Hope they go back to their moody, Post-punk music of In Love with Oblivion.
  • Avatar for bottomlel
    fail to see how I am not one of the top listeners of this band.
  • Avatar for d1lll1nger
    very good band.
  • Avatar for anfecor
    Slow part of 'Delirium Tremendous' is superb.
  • Avatar for bakteriekultur
    New single:
  • Avatar for Nessyliz
    Yeah, I dig it.
  • Avatar for Flemenga
  • Avatar for JamesT86
    Memory Room is one of my favorite tracks of all time.
  • Avatar for levitate85
    Nature Noir features in our Top 100 albums of the year (100-50)!
  • Avatar for Metthev
    You're pretty good guys!!! Keep it up and come to Prague :)
  • Avatar for AUFrechterGang
    Seen 'em twice! They're great!!!
  • Avatar for LeeAaronJ
    This band is very underrated
  • Avatar for bgk90
    I'm amazed they can make yet another album of such quality
  • Avatar for LastGoldenBoy
    Nature Noir is really really good!
  • Avatar for OctoberFaerie
    just love...
  • Avatar for d1lll1nger
    very good band.
  • Avatar for eatfoodeveryday
    nature noir is just................. wow
  • Avatar for rawen333
    the Nature Noir is so far their best record, especially tracks future folklore & sticks and stones
  • Avatar for MaleProblem
    They kinda of lost me after alight of night but this is a real return to form. Their most diverse and adept record to date. They don't sound like a revivalist band anymore and perhaps their 'in love with oblivion' and 'radiant door' was them trying to find their new sound - without having the songs. Now they have both.
  • Avatar for llamacarcass
    Really digging the track "Sticks and stones" off the new LP. Damn pretty.
  • Avatar for bakteriekultur
    The song "Future Folklore" from the forthcoming album has been released today:
  • Avatar for Anamnesis-
    Looks like he did, sad kid. Anyway, the new album is pretty good.
  • Avatar for busysignalbeats
    did you create an account to post that
  • Avatar for thecityinthesea
    new album ist even worse than radiant door ep.
  • Avatar for IschianoScalo
    it's brilliant.
  • Avatar for IanCurtis13
    it is
  • Avatar for biochip
    new album is great!
  • Avatar for victimofkratina
    these guys are so awkward looking on the KEXP video...i love it. such a strange performance.
  • Avatar for stephaniecantu
    i can't wait for the new album!
  • Avatar for bakteriekultur
    You can also listen to it here:
  • Avatar for bakteriekultur
    They've released a new single called "Star Crawl". It's out on Itunes. A new LP is coming out in September as well on Sacred Bones Records. Fuck yeah!
  • Avatar for mandimuh
    Veio com a trilha do filme "Factory Girl". Crystal Stilts, que delícia!
  • Avatar for deadpoeet
    fuckin' awesome! i've alresdy fallen in love!
  • Avatar for Damian_Oz
    Как же здорово иногда находить настоящие жемчужины в музыкальном мире!
  • Avatar for faridmon
    Noise pop doesn't necessarily mean its ''noise'' There is some distortion overlay on their instrumental play that happens to be in a more poppy fashion.
  • Avatar for Mozzerella10
    love this band, but you call this noise?
  • Avatar for letmeh4teyou
  • Avatar for anavieceli
    curtindo de mais
  • Avatar for GetnNowhereFast
    ...magic ! ...another personal favorite band about to happen
  • Avatar for SouptheHoop
    I was about to go to sleep but then this happened
  • Avatar for crackityjones92
    @bgk90 : creepy,right? :O
  • Avatar for clubanddeform
    \/ they're called "fuck buying shit you don't need"
  • Avatar for grahamr93
    Does anyone know the sunglasses the lead singer is wearing?
  • Avatar for clubanddeform
    poetry spouted from carbon tubes floating upward like a puff of dandelion seeds and gently landing on top of submissive chords stamped under drums swooning over a bass guitar chasing the magic tambourine in the sky
  • Avatar for tuffentiny
  • Avatar for IainRB
  • Avatar for bgk90
    they sound a lot like crystal stilts
  • Avatar for coldbludedkilla
    A UK tour would be very nice please.
  • Avatar for ninOingo
    @Skydroog : I was just wondering exactly the same thing


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