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  • Avatar for CookiePolice
    sounds like music from a megaman game
  • Avatar for Rabea35
    Makes me wanna cry and I don't know y [5] <3
  • Avatar for Red_Pain
    Makes me wanna cry and I don't know y [4]
  • Avatar for mnepochistopo
    Makes me wanna cry and I don't know y [3] OMG SAME
  • Avatar for chocolategirl93
    Makes me wanna cry and I don't know y [2] Depending on what mood I'm in... Awesome either way.
  • Avatar for richlesbian
    this is amazing live with alice's vocals from through the hosiery
  • Avatar for Biaxx
  • Avatar for JimmyAndMe
    Yep, gotta agree. This band + any airship game = perfect combo, every time.
  • Avatar for clash_vinny
    Makes me wanna cry and I don't know y
  • Avatar for panuki
    Wow, really like this one
  • Avatar for Boubes
  • Avatar for NooKSY
    all the tracks at the end of crystal castles (I) are sick!
  • Avatar for StJimmy06
    best Crystal Castles song
  • Avatar for Masamune3570
    straight top 5
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
  • Avatar for thenendo
    yeah this does it for me
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
  • Avatar for HanzoHandzome
  • Avatar for QuickLightning
  • Avatar for xMyNameIsMike
    This is one of my favorite tracks by them. So entrancing.
  • Avatar for LAMPDANIEL
    haunting beauty.
  • Avatar for thesilentnigma
    Trippy shit! love this tune
  • Avatar for Daniela_Daniela
    super catchy lovvvve
  • Avatar for Allronix
    This is COOL. I'm enjoying the 8-bit harmony here.
  • Avatar for snapdragon1992
  • Avatar for cassi_rox28
  • Avatar for underequus
  • Avatar for Lukarox
    Love this
  • Avatar for SirKristoph
  • Avatar for dal211
    daas beats
  • Avatar for MethodicalChef
    This is soooo tasty.
  • Avatar for XapakTepHuk
  • Avatar for Rigaderchi
    The live version at Reading and Leeds '09 is funny, mid-way through the song, Alice, I assume is crowd-surfing or something, and somehow loses her mic, and this guy is just making weird noises into the mic, it's funny.
  • Avatar for danwramrich
    Here's usually when Alice crowdsurfes
  • Avatar for IntroVertedMind
    Crystal Castles' anthem. This song defines who Crystal Castles really are
  • Avatar for Noisyturtle
    stayin' up late playin' snes under a neon glow as barhoppers echo in the alleyway
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    love it
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great track
  • Avatar for alligatorcakes
    what i will always love about crystal castles is their ability to somehow make songs like this sound both upbeat and really fucking sad at the same time. asdf;sdf i love this song.
  • Avatar for DjVictory
  • Avatar for miguel_mota
    one of my favs.
  • Avatar for MixedCharts
    i feel really badass when i play this song while i'm driving :P
  • Avatar for DoubleJG
    Instant love.
  • Avatar for Masamune3570
    This song pretty much defines my life right now
  • Avatar for ConeyAllen
    so dope!
  • Avatar for x__paperdoll
    Beastly 0: And yes,it's like going on an adventure
  • Avatar for FormaldehydeKAT
    it's like going on an adventure
  • Avatar for dkordik
    Experience the warmth... before you grow cold.
  • Avatar for amorteza
    video game milestone
  • Avatar for kevynn
    8-bit! reminds me of a Megaman theme song.


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