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Crystal Castles

Black Panther (2:57)


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  • Crystal Castles (2003 – ∞)
  • my anthem
  • What I find so interesting about this track is that it is so oddly danceable. This could actually fit in a DJ set, no edit needed. I would love it if somehow people started making more of this "cathartic dance music" as I like to call it.
  • Good song
  • the 2 lines of missing lyrics on the website are always going to bother me
  • one of the best
  • dat bass. dat tune. dat ALICE !!
  • bsolutely an all-time favourite <3 best song to dance to!
  • cover -> https://soundcloud.com/skinny-reptile-youth/black-panther
  • xD
  • Power-up!
  • reminds me of myspace
  • nice song
  • Playing Retro Videogames! LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV, Crystal Castles ftw
  • This quickly became a favorite after I seen it used in a video of quake live.
  • never could get into this song, then the other night it just clicked and now i'm obsessed...
  • love it.
  • oghhhhhhhhhhh ♥
  • pretty close
  • Definitely one of my favorite CC tracks!
  • May it be the best electronic song ever, or close to?
  • My favourite
  • love et
  • Good song..
  • Still has me groovin' and movin'
  • You’ve scrobbled this track 361 times.
  • My favourite
  • wonderful
  • Brought me out of a shroom trip in the best possible way
  • i had too much brain-melting fun to this song....
  • lovely song, but it brings back painful memories
  • awwww <3
  • On-rail like the luas!
  • cant even begin to describe what this song means to me, especially now haha
  • great song!)
  • <3
  • this song never EVER gets old <3
  • (LLLLLL) luv this song
  • ^__^
  • Love This
  • Saw them in 09 at bonnaroo. It was like looking into gods eyes!
  • one of my most favorite songs everrr <3 <3 <3 4 more days.
  • woo get to see them in 3 days
  • You're covered in the lotion That was inside of me I'll throw you in the ocean I'll pass you to the sea
  • God I cannot get enough of this song... their best by far
  • I love Crystal Castles. Favorite song by them.
  • Good track
  • addicted
  • I have to make a flash game that includes this. see you all in a few months.
  • always gets me dancing [2]


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