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There are more than one artist with this name:

1) A German alternative band from Haltern am See
2) Dave Tipper’s Crunch project
3) British glam rock band
4) 90s Italian hardcore band
5) 90s Russian industrial, noise band
6) hardcore band from Istanbul, Turkey. See Kranch
7) modern Israeli jazz/blues/funk/afrobeat band.
8) German band from Berlin.

1) A German newcomer Alternative Band from Haltern am See. Released their first album winter '09 called "The Giant out of the Bassment". Visit them on
and order their Album. You can download their newest song for free on the myspace page, go and check them out.

2) Dave Tipper’s Crunch project first came to light on this good album for Funkstorung’s Musik Aus Strom imprint a good few years ago. For those of you into your dark, intricate IDM with much melodic interferance running underneath – this comes highly recommended. Check.

3) A British glam rock band.

4) 90s Italian Hardcore band from Turin.

5) 90s Russian (Industrial, Noise) band (from Moscow).

6) Kranch (also known as Crunch) (1995 - 2003) is hardcore band from Istanbul, Turkey. "The Love Album" that only one full length album released by Kod Muzik in 1998.

7) CRuNCH - A modern Israeli Jazz/Blues/Funk/Afrobeat band. Consisting of 3 musicians who play the Rhodes piano , Drums and Turntables.

8) The rock band Crunch was founded 2008 in Berlin. Two years later the lead singer changed and Kevin Paris became the new frontman of Crunch. With this change the band became much more successful. Their first EP "Feuer und Wind" was released in 2012 and shows a wide musical range.

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