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Crude SS was formed by Ebbe and Pelle sometimes around 1982 I think, but I´m not shure really. The first drummer Tuna left the band just before there first gig and Hagge from Terror played instead. Later Jalle joined as new drummer. Ebbe and Pelle did all the lyrics together and from the beginning did some of the best punksongs Ive heard at the time . They were more angry and brutal then most swedish bands. They also fast get a reputation for being violent and brutal with rather political incorrect lyrics and did also get accused for being nazis (wich wasnt true). Their way of making interviews by driving the reporters crazy didnt help, but they hated journalists anyway so who gave a fuck. Around 1983 Pelle left the group and Ebbe asked me to join as the new singer. I sang before in a band wich sucked, and now played guitar in ZåNåra (later Ugly Squaws Trosor) with Hannu Inge Ansvar, wich buy the way was realy fun and we even had a song about Crudess (Barmy army) wich they hated. If I wanted to play with Crude it had to be exclusive, and of course i said Yes . but with the condition that I write new lyrics for all songs and in english. At the time most swede band sang in swedisch, because all swedes should understand them? I wanted to reach as many I could and most swedes hated crude ss anyway. I was rather political and read alot from anarchist writers like Krapotkin, Emma Goldman, Bakunin and the most i could get the hands on, and I suppose its shows in the lyrics. Great that so many liked them, i really did my best. Jalle left the same year and moved south and Hocke Stadin joined on drums instead and about a year later i convinsed Kare to join on bass. 1985 the story ends i suppose. I moved to Goethenburg and also wanted to continue with the band, but the last year the rest of the band seemed tired or something and we just lost contact. I heard Kare sang for a while, but it seems that nothing really happened. /Sven Lampic


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