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  • Avatar for higaimousou
    I'm guessing these guys are done? The official homepage is gone, their twitter is basically dead. If so, sucks that they are.
  • Avatar for SkypeWilliams
  • Avatar for Bajen_Muddy
    sidestep 1
  • Avatar for tstrip
    New word in my vocabulary: Niceties!
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    They are becoming one of my favorites ever. The vibe though!
  • Avatar for SunMan24
  • Avatar for thekiddohmega
  • Avatar for wyjebanenall
    @rymasddz Aye, They have to anchor the Hip Hop Kemp this year!
  • Avatar for one_of_many
  • Avatar for Chingy314
    go away <3
  • Avatar for Katisdope
    I'm likin earthtones =) [2]
  • Avatar for Schejkimenn
    should come to Poland [2]
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    new album out "A Day After Forever"...great vibe. I like it better and better everytime I listen to it.
  • Avatar for senor_rall
    Saw them at Treasure Island. Good Stuff
  • Avatar for Pablo213
    Talented men making inspired music.
  • Avatar for bojlerro
    This is it ! :)
  • Avatar for WESTSIDEKILLA
    new album is awesome
  • Avatar for superwomanL
    hell yeah
  • Avatar for Mo-Dilla
    The new album is amazing :O
  • Avatar for superwomanL
    Doper than dope [2]
  • Avatar for Stfurca
    should come to Poland
  • Avatar for Funkeman
    fresh tunes
  • Avatar for EliteMassacre6
    dig the simple track
  • Avatar for uh_oh_jlm
    I'm likin earthtones =)
  • Avatar for TheAbbott
    Good stuff.But not jazz hop at all.
  • Avatar for FunkehBunneh
  • Avatar for theyefan
    I saw Headnodic live w/ Moe Pope a few months ago, they were fantastic! D Minor Nine needs more plays, for anyone who likes jazz hop, that track right there will take you away! peace.
  • Avatar for holtmi
  • Avatar for Hating_Jerk
    Doper than dope
  • Avatar for fly-away
    should come to australia
  • Avatar for orient_realist
  • Avatar for Make-It-Hot
    Their music is so dope.
  • Avatar for thyuig
    Shall we expect for a brand new album ?
  • Avatar for Amplifyd
  • Avatar for mlansman
    simple rules.
  • Avatar for afu-sake
  • Avatar for viLLin510
    thanks. i just got earthtones and its dope... wow
  • Avatar for Vicman-hiphop
    Yea Mission is the older name of the crew, when the rapper Raashan Ahmad was with Moe Pope (Now from Project Move, they have released a dope album by the way)
  • Avatar for viLLin510
    I thought these guys were called Mission? My bro gave me a CD with these songs on it by The Mission... heh... anyone care to help me out here?
  • Avatar for Secret_Omen
    No it's Ouano, sorry=)
  • Avatar for Secret_Omen
    Kat Quano is the queen!=) She's gorgeous!
  • Avatar for Vicman-hiphop
    Great Band, And a realy cool pic
  • Avatar for descry
    Beautiful music from one of my favorite bands, AND personal friends =).
  • Avatar for akaBrianD
    Crown City Rockers - B-Boy vs. Shin-ski - Emerald Myst. The world may never know who owned the loop.
  • Avatar for imprompt2
    I can't believe Disturbing Behavior is not on here

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