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  • Avatar for KeithandLor
    absolute favorite, music and lyrics....very special song.
  • Avatar for metalguydan
    Do harmonizing vocals don't get any better than this? One of the true all time classics!
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Aaah what memories!!! this song together and then "nailed it" @Woodstock...was there ever a better debut played live?
  • Avatar for MuadDieb
    Doodododoop Doopdoop dodododooop... I like that part sooo much..!
  • Avatar for kyyack1
    remember dreaming about falling in love, wonderment <3, just do it !
  • Avatar for klpra
    Harmonizing vocals don't get much better than this!
  • Avatar for klpra
    Suite Judy Collins Blue Eyes!
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    Harmonically perfect
  • Avatar for supermediadave
    I am yours...
  • Avatar for kgkeller
    Great memories here.......
  • Avatar for ksol1460
    This is THE song.
  • Avatar for escarabat94
  • Avatar for stringmanuk
    Nobody harmonised like these guys
  • Avatar for mannequinchaos
    I love how the ending was sampled onto Cypress Hills' "Armada Latina." :33 But then again, I knew about this song before that. {;
  • Avatar for PaulaRheaBurton
    Brings back some great memories
  • Avatar for stringmanuk
    Ah yes, time to dig out that CD. Makes me feel 20 again.
  • Avatar for islewriter
    I used to drive into the hills above Corte Madera CA in my TR4 IRS, top down listening to this on my way to the beach ~~~~ what a 'rush' ~~~~
  • Avatar for timewaitsforno1
    nothing will top these guys ...
  • Avatar for staklee2002mj
    did u know graham nash was from my home town manchester in the uk and was with a band called the 4 pennies they had a top ten hit
  • Avatar for davidmills71
    Yeah-- FLASH BACK.. (((((((())))))))>
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    woodstock flashback.mmm
  • Avatar for markdeacon2
    One of the best endings of a song ever!!! Amazing harmonies.
  • Avatar for Canoecat
    Harmony like no other...reminds me so much of hangin' out with my Dad when I was young...being introduced & educated to great music. ♥
  • Avatar for rockmetalrules
    havent heard this 1 in while. love it.
  • Avatar for RoomForSymmetry
    I was at a small party at someone's house and put this one on...everyone froze and listened, and we all joined in for the "doo doo" at the end...great party!
  • Avatar for klpra
    In my top 10 songs of all time :-)
  • Avatar for bobbleheadlove
    So much soul!
  • Avatar for armandreale
    This song is reminisent of carefree,harmoniest,& tranquil relastionships.I ve been homesick for sooo long!
  • Avatar for whoozon1st
    One of the true classics...I never get tired of this song, that's forever and always
  • Avatar for cousinbull
    Judy Collins
  • Avatar for wildcrazysexy
    Love this song!
  • Avatar for SparrowLarsa
    Saw Crosby and Nash live a month ago. They still sound AMAZING, especially live! I love this song, especially!
  • Avatar for chloe1357
    Fantastic Harmonies!
  • Avatar for blaze1289
    I love the ending. Amazing song.
  • Avatar for Jah_Wise
    You are what you are!
  • Avatar for headgear56
    Doesn't get much better than this.
  • Avatar for Hanseco
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    True classic, love.
  • Avatar for sshantaram
    from my college days!
  • Avatar for bettowinbill
    Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Anytime. Saw them at Woodstock. What a trip!
  • Avatar for toolfool73
    CSN is just great morning music...
  • Avatar for generalhospital
  • Avatar for jdjanze
    can't get enough of this song
  • Avatar for wbierman
    is that a freakin didgeridoo in there somewhere :-) This track has got so much goin on. Still love it after all this time
  • Avatar for FIERFOX1
  • Avatar for samanjono
    Judith... like to hear her side of the story... how many people were doing the same thing, and it was almost expected... right on about the libertine ways that survived and flourished in the sixties.
  • Avatar for gdcman
    Must have Album/CD
  • Avatar for knitpen
    love love lveoeovleo this song.
  • Avatar for Milo101
    the last part of this song is my favorite, at 6:30. :D
  • Avatar for latinlord
    its been a long time, and out sweet it is. later


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