• Albums of 2009

    13 Dec 2009, 01:37 by y2penni

    1)Animal CollectiveMerriweather Post Pavilion

    A blogger fittingly described it as, “A glittering whirlpool of synthetic sound”. On form, Animal Collective are untouchable. Comparing MPP to their last records, it’s more refined, more accessible, but a step forward in the contemporary world of Indie Pop. I feel they’ve reached their apex of creativity with a sound they’ve been experimenting on since Sung Tongs. It’s certainly a refinement on Strawberry Jam, and it’ll be a benchmark for future electronica records to come. I love its textures, its energy, its desire to be new and original, its flexibility, and its fluency. MPP is a sonic representation of its album cover, it’s vividly mesmerizing. Technically, the rhythms are pretty complex. The harmonies are gorgeous, with much homage to The Beach Boys, owing to Panda Bear. His partnership with Avey Tare on this record works so well (see My Girls). The production is full and meticulous, with layers and layers of drones, filtered synth warbles…