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Crib45 is an experimental alternative metal outcome of what started out as a grunge band, but evolved into a collective group of musicians sharing one vision. An collective group of minds sharing one voice. In shorter terms and most importantly, an collective. Like every working group of musicians, there are always a driving force behind it, that keeps everything going. In Crib45 that force is the core that consists 6 constant members and around that core there are group musicians that variates based on the purpose and event. Crib45's core contrives from Janne Pappila, Pekka Loponen, Jussi Yrttiaho, Teemu Mäntynen, Jussi Saarelma and Ville Suovaniemi. Around that core, the collective builds up from Antti Hokkala, Sami Kurppa, Maija Sipiläinen, Salla Matusiak and varying musicians that passes the torch forward to next one. Since there are more than one path to travel, we feel that Crib45 shouldn't be tied down under one acquired band form, just like the music shouldn't be tied down under acquired verse-chorus form. At the same time we are not trying to invent the wheel again, but just trying to explore different paths while traveling our journey. After almost 10 years since the birth of the origin grunge band, our journey is still in prologue. Much is yet to come and new grounds waiting to be explored…

Ville Suovaniemi
Jussi Saarelma
Jussi Pesonen
Janne Pappila
Teemu Mäntynen
Sami Kurppa
Filip Franck

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