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"Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" is a song written by John Fogerty and released in 1970 on the album Pendulum of legendary American roots rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival. The song peaked at #8 on the charts of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971. On Cash Box the single peaked at #3. Billboard co-listed the b-side "Hey Tonight". Some have speculated that the song's lyrics are referencing the Vietnam War, with the 'rain' being a metaphor for bombs falling from the sky. In his review of the song for Allmusic website, Mark Deming suggests that the song is about the idealism of the 1960s fading in the wake of events such as the Altamont Free Concert and the Kent State shootings and that Fogerty is saying that the same issues of the '60s still existed in the 1970s but that people were no longer fighting for them. However, Fogerty himself has said in interviews and prior to playing the song in concert that the song is about rising tension within CCR and the imminent departure of his brother Tom from the band.

John Fogerty released a live version of the song on his The Long Road Home - In Concert DVD which was recorded at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California on September 15, 2005.

In The Media:

* A version of the song,sung by JuJu Stulbach, rearranged and produced by Friesbie's P.T. Walkley, Scott Hollingsworth and Mary Wood, appears in "Clouds", a Traktor-directed commercial for General Electric.
* "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" was played in the first episode of the TV Series Cold Case: "Look Again"
* It was played for a montage in the Stargate SG-1 series finale, "Unending". This was the only time a popular song had been featured in the program.
* This song was played in the film Evan Almighty (During the opening sequence).
* It is featured in the both The Longest Yard and its remake of the same name.
* In the film December Boys, it is heard in both the CCR version and a quieter instrumental version.
* It was played at the end of an episode of TV Series Magnum P.I.
* In late 1993 "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" is covered by Spin Doctors for the film Philadelphia..
* "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" is the title of Season 2 premiere of the TV series Las Vegas. This episode, however, does not feature this song.
* "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" played several times in Dexter Season 1, Episode 9: "Father Knows Best".
* A cover version by Joan Jett was played in the second season finale of The Wire: "Port in a Storm"


* Boney M.
* Bonnie Tyler (Spain #8, IE #13, France #40, UK #47, Germany #63)
* Dancing Mood with Vicentico
* Dr. Sin
* Emmerson Nogueira
* Gabe Garcia covered this song while a contestant on Nashville Star
* Hi-Standard
* Heroes del Silencio
* Joan Jett (included on all her compilation albums)
* Pholhas
* Melanie Safka
* The Minutemen
* R.E.M. have covered this song live and opened with the song live at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater when it rained heavily during the opening act and throughout the concert
* Rod Stewart covered this song in 2006 and released it in the cover album Still the Same… Great Rock Classics of Our Time.
* Smokie
* Spin Doctors
* Teenage Fanclub
* The Fray
* The Jeevas
* The Ventures
* Reginaldo Rossi
* Rise Against
* The Ramones
* JuJu Stulbach of The Mosquitos featured in the General Electric commercial "Clouds"
* The Low Life
* Justice Friends
* Whiskey Therapy

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