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  1. screamo band from Madrid, Spain, Europe.


    - Mamut. Demo. 2007
    - Directo en CSOA La Alarma. 31.03.2007. Madrid
    - Los Hijos de los Jeques…

  2. Screamo band from Berlin, Germany.


    Jan (Bass)
    Tobi (Guitar)
    Basti (Drums)
    Jonny (Guitar)
    Sabine (Vocals)


    Rotation Um Die…

  3. Spanish Screamo Band

  4. Enoch Ardon is a chaotic screamo band from Oviedo, Spain. They play a mid-90's style of screamo / hardcore in the vein of Orchid. Below is their…

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  6. the kids that scream and scream and keep fuckin screaming with energetic riot, harsh musical attack and unstable repulsive beat that comes from…

  7. swallow! swallow! splinter! was a screamo band from Kiev, Ukraine. The band was formed in 2005 by igor (vocals) and vova (guitars). The band…

  8. Das Plague was a neocrust band from A Coruña, Spain. Featuring members from other spanish bands like Blünt, Ekkaia and Asedio.

    Nelson -…

  9. From the ashes of Utarid, influenced by Orchid, Ampere, and lots of European bands. Heavyweight screamo band …

  10. With Engine Heart was a five piece band from Celje, Slovenia. They played intense emotional screamo with a strong political background and a love…

  11. Roboteam is a experimental screamo band from Santiago de Chile.
    They have recorded one EP "Ruidosas Melodías Para El Corazón".

    The members are:…

  12. Arse Moreira was an emo violence band from Mexico City, characterised by heavy start-stop dynamics and technical and experimental instrumentation…

  13. BUY THE 7" HERE: www.yourprescriptionrecords.com

    7654 Stories was Started in early 2003 by John Terry and Wyatt Harte. They quickly recruited…

  14. Caitlyn Bailey was a chaotic hardcore band from Davao City, Philippines. They were active from 2006 to 2011.

  15. Defunct screamo band from Turkey.

    ugur - drummer
    onur - guitarist
    baris - bass player
    alper - vocalist


  16. FB37SOH was a hardcore/screamo band from Stockholm, Sweden. They have released one self-titled 7" record which contains four songs.

    The band…

  17. Kias Fansuri is fucking dead.

    Latest project from Kias Fansuri member :
    Quantis :…

  18. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra was a german screamo band which existed from 2001 to 2004.

  19. 5 pieces hardcore/punk/screamo band from north of Malaysia.
    released their first demo in September 2006 under Utarid:tapes, an indiependent label…

  20. Burn Her Letters was a screamo band from Eskiseher, Turkey. They formed in 2005, and shared their music freely. That's right, they were one of…


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