• A Little Over an Hour of Crap

    29 Oct 2007, 04:38 by rockosmodurnlif

    I got this idea from Champ213. The basic idea is to listen to the tag 'crap' in the last.fm stations. And much like Hot or Not say if it's Crap or Not. I made notes as I listened so my comments may seem a bit disjointed.

    1. Tres Bien
    Lo-fi-electro garbage. And there go the "girl power" spoken vocals. People still allowed to make this music? I thought the Lilith-Fair-riot-grrl movement died and we were back to scantily clad, hip-swiveling, booty-shaking eyecandy.
    Crap or Not? CRAP

    I accidentally hit the stop button here so I had to start it again.

    2. Lasagna
    Parody of "La Bamba" (who did that? Los Lobos right?) about lasagna and various other pasta dishes with a bad Italian accent. Nice accordion solo though I don't know what a bad accordion solo is. Not liking it overall though.
    Crap or Not? CRAP

    3. Weight of the World (Live from Tokyo)
    Vocals way too low in the mix and barely intelligible. Are those fangirls screaming? Guess I can't blame Evanescence for that. …