• Random questions answered with random songs...

    1 May 2011, 14:30 by miciest

    .. Because I think these kinda games are just too fun :D

    From my iPod:

    Are you a happy person?
    An Orchid for My Withering Garden

    What is your passion?
    Of Wolf and Man

    What do you regret?
    Where Dead Angels Lie

    How would you describe yourself?
    Leeches & Deception

    What is your greatest strength?
    Four Leary Biscuits

    What is your greatest weakness?
    The Truth Is Out There (uh-oh...)

    What do you do in your free time?
    Broderskapets ring

    Are you intelligent?
    Angel of the Night

    What is your goal in life?
    Wasted Time (I hope not..)

    How do you act towards others?
    Zombie Inc.

    Are you a generous person?
    Kill Kill Kill (hahahah)

    How do you deal with anger?
    Angels Fall First

    How do you cope with sadness?

    What makes you really happy?
    Through Gardens of Grief (okay...?)

    What pisses you off?
    Cowards Dead End

    What do you look like?
    Blood of the Sunsets

    How would you describe your life right now?
    Paradise (maybe that's exaggerating a bit..)
  • Prawie jakby fajnie.

    18 Apr 2009, 22:05 by Szataneczek

    Sat 18 Apr – The Darkest Tour 2009
    Recenzja na gorąco, pół godziny po powrocie z koncertu.
    Przyszedłem spóźniony, Dead Shape Figure mnie ominęło w całości. Kilkanaście minut czekania i pojawiło się Turisas. Nie wiem, czy wolno mi się wypowiadać, bo nie lubię tego rodzaju metalu, więc powiem niewiele: zagrali z 5 kawałków w tempie dynamicznym, ludzie najwyraźniej bawili się dobrze, a ja stałem sobie niedaleko baru z lekko pobłażliwym uśmiechem, bo to jedyna reakcja, jaką ta muzyka może we mnie wywołać.

    Kolejne 15-20 minut czekania, sprawdzanie sprzętu, i weszli panowie z Portugalii. Nie oczekiwałem, że będę się bawił na nich tak dobrze - brzmieli świetnie, zagrali, jeśli pamięć nie myli, At Tragic Heights, Night Eternal, Scorpion Flower, Opium, obowiązkowe Alma Mater, bardzo ucieszyli mnieLuna, chyba jeszcze z jeden kawałek, którego nie mogłem rozpoznać, oraz, na koniec, Full Moon Madness. Show w ich wykonaniu był naprawdę bardzo udany.

  • Annual rambling

    17 Jul 2008, 18:51 by InsaneGenius

    So, my second year as a Member of Last.fm has passed about a month ago (registered 13 Jun 2006)
    And now I'm bored and feel like writing some shit.

    That is an IMPORTANT EVENT!!!


    And the new layout sucks, I can't find the reply tracker.

    Now I'll wash my hair.I only have cold water today, but I think I can live with that, I'll be right back. (that's 'brb' for teh kool kidz).

    I'm back.
    Gosh, that cold water sure was cold.

    So... How did that InsaneGenius guy who we all love so much find his way to Last.fm? That sure is THE question you all want to have answered, right? RIGHT?
    It's nocius' fault. He first forced me to register an account on Last.fm. Later I logged in a second time, then a third. I started to like it and I came back more and more often.

    Make sure to check out nocius' various musical projects, which cover a wide range of genres. A lot of good stuff. I think you can find some links to downloadable tracks in his sidebar. …
  • Another Quiz... ^^'

    19 May 2006, 23:03 by PersAbi

    4237 Lieder und die Zufallswiedergabe...
    4237 songs and random playback...

    If you reached the top of Mount Everest, you would scream:
    Song: Among Ancestors
    Artist: Turisas
    Comment: o.O I'd be surprised finding one of my ancestors there...

    The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
    Song: Welcome to the New Dimension
    Artist: Ayreon
    Comment: Haha, that's one nice speech! :)

    Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
    Song: Ugly Legs of Pauk
    Artist: Abosranie Bogom
    Comment: People say pissed people speak the truth... Pauk, I always wanted to say that your legs are mhh... kinda ugly %D

    Your message to the world:
    Song: Der Essayist
    Artist: Angizia
    Comment: Essayists always have to say something to the world...

    When you think of your best friend you think:
    Song: Godking
    Artist: Disparaged
    Comment: Oh... I feel flattered and cajoled, you're so nice :)

    Your deepest secret:
    Song: Erinsong
    Artist: Cruachan