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Cpt. Stubing was a / outfit from the northern region of the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2001 and has not been active since December 2005.

The band recorded two EPs during their existence, titled "EP 2002" and "EP 2005", none of which were officially released.

Last Known Members
Jeroen - Guitar/Vocals ( Also in Aversion and Mink)
Nico van Montfort - Bass (Also in Smash the Statues, Killed for less and Brandnewday)

Past Members

Jan Hibma - Guitar (2001-2003)
Menno Vos - Drums (2001-2004, also in The Black Atlantic)
Laurens van den Brink - Guitar (2003-2004)
Rik Annema - Guitar (2005, also in A Silent Express)
Riekus van Montfort - Drums (2005, also in Antillectual, Omission, Straight A's, Stars Overnight and Brandnewday)

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