• Best of 2007

    14 Jan 2008, 01:59 by sharevari

    And there goes another year in which I've totally failed to get into the sounds of today.

    The top 100 songs I listened to in 2007

    1. G.A.N.G. - KKK (Club Mix) (1983)
    Another year, another best of and yet again, a track from 1983 made by an acronym from Italy takes the top spot! It was even harder this time to pick the number one, but in the end this sublime gem of floaty electronic disco won out. It's just perfect, there isn't a single element that could be improved. My favourite bit is the bell-like sequence that first makes an appearance at 1:33. It's anyone's guess why it's named KKK, as the sounds emanating from the speakers are as far from cross-burning dimwits as you could possibly get. As per usual with this sort of stuff, there is virtually no info around about the people who made it or where it came from. But there's a spot-on comment by a user named restless on its Discogs page that nicely summarises the mood of the piece: "Too slow to really dance to it, too floating to be a radio hit…
  • my playlist @ Subterfusion 30/11/2007

    1 Dec 2007, 19:38 by Nevel

  • The Warlock Mix - Vol. 3

    15 Nov 2007, 09:31 by Kingsfan

  • Cyberia Set List - November 4th

    12 Nov 2006, 03:54 by fleurione

    Request = (r)

    Procyon 10.00-10.30
    Sonic Mayhem – Swallowed
    Ano-Wrex-Iya - Anti-Gravity (Live debut Teviot Underground 29th November)
    Razed in Black – Master (Hard mix)
    Rogue Process - Cognition

    Technomancer 10.30-11.00
    C/A/T – Smashed
    agonoize – Eye on You
    controlled collapse – inject
    Painbastard – System Failed
    Autoaggression – Das Nyquist Theorem
    Run Level Zero – Under the Gun

    gether_than_Thou 11.00-11.30
    Leæther Strip – Suicide Bombers (12 Inch Version)
    Straftanz – Straftanz (Ost)
    Broken and Abused
    Pyriel - Pyriel
    The Cruxshadows – Dragonfly (Radio Edit) (Teviot Underground 29th November)
    In Strict Confidence – Engelstaub
    Mesh - People Like Me (With a Gun)

    ScratchMeHarder 11.30-12.00
    Tactical Sekt - Xfixiation (S.I.T.D. mix)
    Das Ich – Destillat (VNV mix)
    New Order – Confusion (Blade Mix)
    Mind.In.A.Box – Sun and Storm
    Ritual Noise (R)
    Feindflug – Glaubenskreig

    Procyon 12.00-12.45
  • The Arvikafestival

    19 Jul 2006, 07:38 by Teishi

    Here's the (somewhat belated) report from the Arvikafestival. First of all, I should mention that this was probably the last time I camped at a festival. It's amazing how chaotic Swedish festivals are when compared to, say, German ones. Last year I went to Wave Gotik Treffen and it was like a spa trip compared to Arvika. Drunk teens everywhere, screaming, rumbling around and just being generally annoying. I suppose part of it is that I'm getting too old, but also that I'm not impressed by massive drinking anymore. Been there, done that. Anyways, on to the music part.

    There was a quite nice line-up this year - some familiar acts and some new acquaintances.

    The festival (for me) started off with Client. I missed them at WGT last year, but I think their gig at Arvika might have been a better one. Lots of energy and a fairly good connection with the audience. Outstanding highlight was Here and Now.

    After Client I convinced my girlfriend to come watch Arch Enemy with me. …
  • Skyshaper, finally

    20 Mar 2006, 16:57 by hilarion

    The new Covenant album Skyshaper is out after long waiting and it has been dominating my charts for the past two weeks. Covenant has been #1 for both weeks and 20 Hz has been #1 in the weekly charts. It's obviously my favourite track on the album, but the rest aren't far away either.

    Skyshaper has all the ingredients that make Covenant great - wonderful sounds, powerful beats and lots of melancholy. It has wonderful dance tracks such as 20 Hz, Ritual Noise, Brave New World and Spindrift but also slower beautiful pieces like Happy Man, Greater Than the Sun and The World is Growing Loud.

    As a whole, Skyshaper is one of the best albums Covenant has ever released. It has a distinct sound that is unique but also binds all the tracks together as a wonderful entity. There are just enough of faster and slower songs and they're just in the right order. This is by far best Covenant from this decade, although it doesn't feature quite as irresistable club hits as their previous albums (Northern Light had Call the Ships to Port…
  • Monthly Charts - February 2006

    1 Mar 2006, 20:07 by hilarion

    New month has begun so it's time to go chart crazy once again:

    Artists Top 25 (Feb 2 - Mar 1)
    1.Project Pitchfork 150
    2.Covenant 95
    3.VAST 66
    4.Suicide Commando 58
    5.Current 93 46
    6.In Strict Confidence 40
    7.Depeche Mode 28
    8.Underworld 28
    9.Hocico 26
    10.Kuroshio Current 25
    11.:wumpscut: 24
    12.The Legendary Pink Dots 23
    13.Code 64 22
    14.Ladytron 22
    15.Deine Lakaien 21
    16.Regina 21
    17.VNV Nation 20
    18.Kate Bush 20
    19.Combichrist 19
    20.Nine Inch Nails 18
    21.Unheilig 18
    22.CMX 17
    23.Einstürzende Neubauten 16
    24.Cranes 14
    25.Paradise Lost 14

    Comments: What can I say, I've kept on listening to a lot of Project Pitchfork. :P Anticipation for the new Covenant album also shows clearly. Actually, out of those 95 plays, 45 are different versions of the track Ritual Noise.

    You can also see that I have rediscovered the joys of Vast and really started to like the music of Underworld on a bit larger scale than just the few hit songs. …