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Courtney Love

Sunset Strip (5:32)


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  • just love Courtney always. you rock!!!!!
  • Great....<3
  • get a grip of yourselves. if most of you are this dumb to talk about how you hate her voice or how she 'killed' kurt-- ugh, get out. why don't you just skip or ban this track from your shitty radios? goddammit. and stop with this "don't do drugs" shit either. if you've been through the things she has, you would probably do drugs too. however, she's clean, and it is 2013. i have more sense than most of the people here and i'm younger than most of you. this is sad.
  • ♥ this song better play at my funeral ok
  • this song would be better without this fucking tiring ending.
  • her voice sounds annoying but i don't know why i just love this track so much
  • couortneys voice is amazing and i love her lyrics she always has had a way with words
  • Courtney say no to drugs. I love the song.
  • terrible
  • Pills for your coochie? lol
  • Flows nicely.
  • F'n good as hell! Courtney does raw better than anyone!!!! She's got pills for her coochie>>
  • Courtney killed. me. damnit
  • love the Velvet Underground reference :)
  • generic kid below me
  • stay off drugs kids!
  • @ginanightmare....language barrier. @ below....that's the original version...on the imported version. I've actually never heard it until just now....made me happy :D
  • courtney, what the hell is this? i'm not sure what i think of this track....may have to hear it again.....
  • "she is suck an ifluence on mucis" [2] lmfao.
  • Courtney love is amazing, she is suck an ifluence on mucis
  • LOVE HER VOICE !!! <3
  • Courtney Love is amazing! <3
  • I like this version but the original is way better
  • I got it right...just one timee
  • so fookin good
  • Awesome tune...
  • !
  • I prefer the original version. The song is good anyway, tho.
  • it music is good
  • This song = incredible.
  • Muito Louca!!!
  • never heard this version. the original is so much better!!
  • This song could have been a hit if Linda and Courtney had taken some time and care with it...
  • courtney is cool, no matter what people say about her. i like her voice
  • don`t tell what isn`t prooved
  • this bitch kill cobain
  • 5:53 of pure power! My heart for this song, and my head and my neck... especially my neck T_T...
  • This is probably one of my faves off America's Sweetheart, most likely cause its so lyrically reminiscent of the courtney who was around when I was a kid. I miss her x
  • best, best, best Courtney's song...
  • Were you jerking off to her or were you jerking off to me? Ah, a question for the ages.
  • diamond hard promises and million dollar pills! love it<3
  • The end of the song gives me headaches...Wonder how she still have a voice...
  • ty :)
  • http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Sunset-Strip-lyrics-Courtney-Love/AA5682D616EEE27448256E310027E1ED here both uk and north america
  • 've got pills when Famous I've got pills when you're old I've got pills cause I'm blonde I've got pills cause you're dead I've got cause I am the worst and best dressed
  • i need the real lyrics too lol
  • Anyone got the real lyrics to this, please?

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