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Cosmicity was a 1-man Synthpop band, active from 1994-2003.

Since retiring the name in 2003, the man behind Cosmicity, Mark Nicholas, began creating harder-edged electronic music under his real name. He has so far released the albums "Duchess 33" (2007) and "Perversions" (2008). He has hinted at reviving the Cosmicity name for his next release "Music For Headphones" due in 2009.

For more information on Cosmicity, visit, or to hear Mark's new music, visit .

More Cosmicity info:

Cosmicity released about 10 full length albums during the 10 year run. The style of the music is often referred to as 80's-influenced electronic pop. Most Cosmicity albums are still available on and

More Mark Nicholas info:

- Mark has a degree from the Universiy of Michigan in Music and Technology.

- Mark is married to Detroit's DJ Ginger Snapp (The Labyrinth, Pr1mary Sounds, IPM Radio), who usually co-produces his albums.

- Mark often tells people in interviewers that eating cheese gives him gas, but we suspect he's only saying that because he's amused by people's reactions. Further research indicates that it's actually only gouda cheese that gives him gas. Other cheeses give him the giggles.

- Mark has done some cool stuff, like winning or placing in some songwriting competitions (John Lennon, ISC, Artist's Forum, etc.) getting his music on some shows and commercials (like the TV show "Haunted" starring Matthew Fox before he was on "Lost"!), and being on some cool compilations (Dodge Sounds of Detroit comp., the OMD Messages tribute album, etc.).


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