• A few new albums (Hot Chip, Islands, Cornelius, Paavoharju)

    22 Mar 2006, 07:12 by stepself

    And when I say "new", I mean "new to me", not necessarily a release this year. Just a few albums I think are worth checking out

    I got hooked on this one from the first time I listened to it. Calling it pop electronica wouldn't be quite right, but it's as close as I care to get. The album covers a range of styles, all incredibly upbeat and frenetic. Listening to this album just puts a smile on my face, no matter what mood I'm in. Highlight: 'Chapter 8 - Seashore and Horizon', which features vocals by the Apples in Stereo.
    Chapter 8- Seashore and Horizon
    Free Fall


    Hot Chip - The Warning
    This one sounds a lot like Phoenix, or maybe Postal Service. Some of the tracks are laid-back electronic, others are really danceable. I need to get some more of their albums, I only have their first EP, and this one, which hasn't been released yet (I don't think).
    Over and Over


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