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  • Avatar for Gauffre
    Black metal stuff is really good.
  • Avatar for talkloud
    earth diver is good as hell. can't really get into the rest
  • Avatar for FlakyPorcupine
    I noticed that they are sticking to a slightly modified sound of Dwellings, which I hope they can pull themselves out of. I really liked listening to each release and seeing how different it would be from the previous.
  • Avatar for Meatwad555
    These guys deserve way more listeners.
  • Avatar for Scrambles27
    apparently I'm in the minority in thinking that earth diver is the best thing they've done?
  • Avatar for Kacpiar
  • Avatar for StonedDisciple
    "tiberian ass bastard folk" u wut m8!
  • Avatar for yodaman5606
    Metazoa is kind of hard to top... But the new stuff isn't bad at all.
  • Avatar for wicked-mystic
    I'm afraid Cormorant might never recapture the perfection of Metazoa.
  • Avatar for Harmonia-Mundi
    Earth Diver is an improvement over Dwellings, but doesn't quite reach the heights of Metazoa. Definitely a good album, though. I like the new vocalist and black metal approach. All of the songs are quite good but none stand out as true masterpieces yet.
  • Avatar for wicked-mystic
    New album isn't doing the trick for me yet. I'll give it a break for a while and listen again as there are some interesting parts. Overall it's a bit of a blur matter how much I listen to it.
  • Avatar for Jealousheart
    Amazing band
  • Avatar for spinebrain
    New album preorders online today!
  • Avatar for moonsorrow1992
    New singer reminds me of John from Agalloch, so far "Earth Diver" sounds awesome!
  • Avatar for brausd
    uploaded new pics
  • Avatar for Starlessred
  • Avatar for Acid_Coven
    These lyrics > any other lyrics.
  • Avatar for k_eve
    not bad
  • Avatar for metalinvader34
    Such an Amazing band! Reunite!
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    Hope they fare well without Arthur
  • Avatar for MostlyGostly <3
  • Avatar for iPowder
    The Emigrant's Wake & Salt of the Earth..Man, I can chill to these tracks all day! Beautifully done \m/
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Amazing band! You can find their awesome music [url=]here[/url] \m/
  • Avatar for Endorphred
    Highest replay value to any metal band ever.
  • Avatar for miotailtmilidh
    Hearing them for the first time. Musically very good.
  • Avatar for FlakyPorcupine
    Fuck, I'm gonna miss Arthur. Regardless, I wonder what Nick, Brennan and Matt have up their sleeves still.
  • Avatar for GiaNXGX
    I'm really sad, Arthur's departure will have a huge impact on the band's sound, or at least in my opinion. The guitar work might remain excellent, thus the drumming as well, however; the thing that separeted Cormorant apart (as SSwoody said) for me, were the lyrics. Arthur is not only an incredible bass-player but also a talented writer, the lyrics for both Dwellings and Metazoa are very interesting and (personally) were the thing that attracted me to listening Cormorant. Sad thing, I would prefer them to remain instrumental right now.
  • Avatar for jsnruf
    Glad I was able to see this band live before Arthur left. Who knows if they'll be able to maintain the same level of greatness as before.
  • Avatar for Sswoody
    the lyrics/vocals (on dwellings) are one of the major things that set cormorant apart from other metal bands. Hopefully they can find an adequate replacement for Arthur.
  • Avatar for MostlyGostly
    I can't wait to hear what the band will sound like without Arthur, but I imagine it won't be the same for me. Good luck in all your future endeavors to both Arthur and the band.
  • Avatar for The5ifthColumn
    Cormorant is awesome. The only band Ive listened to/ wanted to listen to for the last few weeks!!!
  • Avatar for cauldronborn86
    metal for nature
  • Avatar for Kikoharu
    really original
  • Avatar for zinkx
    Full album art for Dwellings \m/
  • Avatar for j_walker91
    Cormorant has won another fan
  • Avatar for ArthurCormorant
    For a limited time, Dwellings is free from the Cormorant Bandcamp:
  • Avatar for LumenObscurum
    They 're great. Just great.
  • Avatar for marzynski
    Great Band! - Dwellings rules!
  • Avatar for GiaNXGX
    Metazoa & Dwellings > The Universe
  • Avatar for mrmichel0927
  • Avatar for mrmichel0927
    Dwellings is good
  • Avatar for soullessmate
    Damn dwellings is good, need to check out Metazoa now.
  • Avatar for Technogoat
    Thanks Arthur, listening to Dwellings on Spotify right now, and plan to go back to Metazoa right after this.
  • Avatar for blackmeddled
    Metazoa is a fucking masterpiece, but Dwellings is a fucking masterpiece.
  • Avatar for ArthurCormorant
    Dwellings and Metazoa are now available to stream in full on Spotify.
  • Avatar for JK89
    kurzes deutsches review von "dwelliings" und hörbeispiel gibts hier:
  • Avatar for RosesOfTomorrow
    Metazoa is good, but Dwellings is a fucking masterpiece. [3]
  • Avatar for ArthurCormorant
    Cormorant's debut EP "The Last Tree" is again available for physical purchase:
  • Avatar for NecroticBass
    I'm one of the few that prefers Metazoa to Dwellings, but I love them both.
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    Metazoa is good, but Dwellings is a fucking masterpiece. [2]


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