• Praying Mantis gig

    6 Aug 2009, 16:08 by GrantRS

    Wed 5 Aug – Praying Mantis, Fury UK, Core of Nation

    Last night was a worthwhile gig at the relatively small Purple Turtle in Camden, London.

    Openers Core of Nation from Sweden impressed me very much very quickly. Stationed near the equalising desk the sound was almost as perfect as one could possibly demand from a studio mixing. Though it's highly cliche to say so the band played like a well-oiled machine and I found it hard to believe they weren't headlining their own show of at least this size. I suppose I would describe the genre loosely as stoner metal with a classic rock leaning, particularly in the vocals field, or alternately classic metal with a stoner metal leaning in the bass sound and prominence and riff characteristics. I came away with their Machine World album, which I haven't listened all the way through yet, but will likely be willing to write something about or answer questions on once I have.

    Second act Fury UK, I had seen before but I believe they've had a line-up change since then. …