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Converge for Peta2
23 Feb 2009
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  • eastwestlost

    soz i can't eat anything but fresh meat to your music

    5 Nov 2013 Reply
  • Considerables

    I can't be a vegetarian, sorry. We just need to take better care of livestock. But the problem is that it costs more money for commercialized farms. It's all one violent cycle.

    28 Jun 2013 Reply
  • Eman SCSA


    4 Dec 2012 Reply
  • erazorhead

    Jacob Bannon: "...They still kill 20-30,000 greyhounds a year legally in the States. That’s massive. No one really talks about it. You have PETA, on the other hand, regarding what they deem as “aggressive breeds.” Pit bulls they feel, generally, that they are a dog that cannot be rehabilitated in some way. Actually, a few years ago they were trying to use me as a spokesperson for PETA, and I was fine with doing small things for them until I found out that certain aspect of the PETA mandate that’s out there. It’s just the way they handle their business, and I pulled all of my public support of PETA because of that. It’s just simply untrue. All it does in this society, with the rules that govern things here, is it instills more fear into people by just saying these dogs need to be decimated off the face of the earth rather than rehabilitated. They’re doing more damage to animals than they are good with that ideology." - http://bit.ly/1FuC7W

    15 Oct 2009 Reply
  • 10011001

    Peta is a joke, support ASPCA.

    5 Oct 2009 Reply
  • Countorus


    1 Aug 2009 Reply