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  • Avatar for wildtony40
    good song.
  • Avatar for jeanius2
    Loved Connie and all her tear jerkers when in my teens!
  • Avatar for ilovetoquilt
    Beautiful voice brings me back to my teenage years when I used to ditch work to go see her in the movies!!!!!
  • Avatar for davidgeorgea
    Great voice ..Mmmmmmm sorry it finished !!!
  • Avatar for keventy77
    That would be me : (
  • Avatar for sternenfee0
    ★★★super song★★★
  • Avatar for oldchap2
    Fabulous Connie.
  • Avatar for Bolters
    Love this one !!!
  • Avatar for tuichgut
  • Avatar for ronny2013
    Can't beat a bit of Connie.
  • Avatar for RivieraDarling
    oh my, so sweet
  • Avatar for cardiac1
    This lady has a beautiful voice. I wanna hear more.
  • Avatar for Suberu
  • Avatar for shortsfan
    great Song and great Singer
  • Avatar for eins-zwei-3
    << wundervoller Song Connie ,,,!!!
  • Avatar for johnny70s
    Top quality from the wonderful Connie.
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Actually, her voice is fairly similar to that of Jodie Sands, a lady contemporary of hers.............. also rather good.
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Fortunately for me I have never been caught with Lipstick on MY collar, otherwise I would have been very sorry now......... or, rather, then. :)
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    My favorite is Lipstick On Your Collar, but this ones right up there! And yes, beautiful voice and face!
  • Avatar for ImAnOldiesFan2
    My all-time fave of hers! A voice like no other.
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    This song is so of Connies' best!
  • Avatar for oldboyjohn
    Enjoyed your music as a teenager, still listening at 67, love you Connie!!
  • Avatar for supersteveme
    me, for skipping it
  • Avatar for LFireproof
    Sweet voice and I love this song.
  • Avatar for canleykid
    Love to hear Connie Francis. Her voice turns me to jelly.
  • Avatar for lovehonkytonk
    Also, I am old enough to remember when she was BIG, and this song also. I still love it every time I hear it.
  • Avatar for lovehonkytonk
    I love this woman !! Quite a singer and love this song !!
  • Avatar for NitaD1
    Fab little song
  • Avatar for tomhawk13
    This was on the first LP I ever got. I had a terrible crush on her at the age of 13. And I still have that LP more than 50 years later.
  • Avatar for rocknut1951
    Connie , of the best voices ever.
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Definitely the leaders of the Eurozone, for their incompetence and general stupidity over the years..........
  • Avatar for bicknor
    Well, have to admit that, at times, I was sorry. But, hey, it happens and we survived, one way or another. And here we are, each day another adventure.......
  • Avatar for davidgeorgea
    I think that sorry is the hardest word ... But it is a very powerful word ???
  • Avatar for twinlorna
    One of those songs that stays ---lovely voice.
  • Avatar for bicknor
    'C'est la vie', as they say in Spain.
  • Avatar for misterpowerwash
    im paying now ,,, love this Connie
  • Avatar for alltheway49ers
  • Avatar for rockingdaddy
  • Avatar for ballingry
    they dont make music like this now
  • Avatar for ktfcca
    My mum's favourite song.....she died at the the tender age of 50 and i and i still miss her so much
  • Avatar for marcy50
    Great song,,love it..remember this one,,watching her on tv...and American Band Stand show..! WOW does time fly by,,huh?
  • Avatar for dentonlaura
    are we sorry ????? do we we pay????
  • Avatar for ghschilder
    altijd onthouden wohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Avatar for Ant718
  • Avatar for oldgoodmusic
    ¨desole pourquoi
  • Avatar for RedBluff99
    nicht ihr bester song
  • Avatar for stephanis
    So,So Sad,,,,,,,,,
  • Avatar for Batiste369
    "You've had your way, Now you must pay" Someones about to get it...Lol
  • Avatar for jetgar
    Who's Sorry Now,thats the questions?????
  • Avatar for wallytsr
    I have loved this song for many years. Since the 50's


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