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    Crafter left music :(
  • Avatar for Untitledx
    they are super douchey
  • Avatar for brianPLAGUES
    They come off as super douchey on facebook.
  • Avatar for XJohnWilX
    Parkway Drive 2
  • Avatar for JeffSolaris
    Alright, what is craftercore? Like, you craft things while playing hardcore, right? *facepalms*
  • Avatar for TimMoor
    The Long Way Home самый лучший,как по мне. Качовые,мощные моменты сменяются в меру нежными припевами.Мелодии и лирика запоминаются.Все на высоте.
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    Here's a review to their new record "Life And Death":
  • Avatar for Jaayson
    Surprised at the hate on the new album, more than impressed with the release!
  • Avatar for mat-rix
    Sweet record, best of the year!
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    new picture uploaded:
  • Avatar for kne90
    новый альбом - бомба!!!
  • Avatar for BlindedByFear22
    @Yelonas He's in the last 50 or so seconds of Holy War. It's pretty recognisable.
  • Avatar for Yelonas
    So when exactly we can hear Ahren? Is he screaming?
  • Avatar for artem_altwave
    Наконец-то я дождался от них такого альбома, который устраивает от и до. Просто великолепный релиз.
  • Avatar for brutalshoe
    Fuck cancer!!!!
  • Avatar for Entripy777
    bayharbour: Reawaken, Metalcore from Australia
  • Avatar for luciferlovesme
  • Avatar for jesterhead1
    Surely one of the fastest band that entered my top list. Discovered them them this month and over 275 plays. One of the greatest so called "Metalcore" bands in my opinion. Metalcore had had turned way shittier these days. Confession is one of those bands who combines the riffs of Melodic Death Metal and hardcore and makes it sounds pure perfection to be tagged as "The Best Melodic Metalcore bands" along side Parkway Drive, Darkest Hour, Unearth and few others. 10/10 would dig this band if they are a fan of Parkway Drive
  • Avatar for Killtrocity
    These guys are amazing. Can't believe it took me this long to discover them.
  • Avatar for XxLastPathxX fuuuuckin good metalcore band from australia
  • Avatar for grandofillusion
    люблю за то что мощь выдают
  • Avatar for Entripy777
    Check these guys out from Aus!
  • Avatar for SeboGaga
    If you are into Metalcore then you NEED to listen to the new song of Andy Rive.
  • Avatar for Offspring93 <///>
  • Avatar for Mattcore06
    I'll mosh with this everyday
  • Avatar for unitedwefall8 ... featuring Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights!
  • Avatar for gongon1989
    Welcome to Japan!
  • Avatar for shazZiiQ_x3
    hey guys this is my band, the quality is pretty bad but it would be very nice if you would listen to it, give us feedback!
  • Avatar for sorry_im_idiot
    Hey guys! Check out my band [artist]Connecticut[/artist]! Hope you'll enjoy it! No, i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it!!
  • Avatar for cherrymagnum
    Confession areeee wayy cool! [2]
  • Avatar for HSBfan666
    Hey! Chckout the new Song [url=] Labyrinth Of Time[/url] from my Band [url= And Dreams] World & Dreams[/url] :)
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia z Polski dla fanów Confession
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    ковер на LB шикарен! _-----------------------------_
  • Avatar for nateyo
    dude asthma attack. nothing more.
  • Avatar for scareCROW122
    Fuck you guys below me!! Confession areeee wayy cool!
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    *one of australia's shittest hardcore acts
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    check out my band and download our new EP for free!!!! :)
  • Avatar for rummedings95
    new clean vocals on 'the long way home' sound even worse than the original ._.
  • Avatar for Rebound-
    All heavy music fans should check out this track.
  • Avatar for Alex_MFHS
    For The Fallen Dreams - Brothers In Arms (vox cover) -
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  • Avatar for Alexeushka
    пиздатый бэнд!!!
  • Avatar for Rebound-
    If you like heavy shit like these guys, check out this track
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    i'd prefer to see him post tits on instagram
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    Please Check this new song out: Facebook:
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    People were actually giving a shit about this band anyway? That's more shocking news than Crafter cleaning house.
  • Avatar for mat-rix
    Obviously I want hear more Crafter
  • Avatar for samfisher21
    What a joke this whole thing is. It'll be shit even if Crafter keeps going with new people, Dan and Shane wrote the whole of The Long Way Home anyway.


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