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There are three groups registered with the name Concave on Last.fm:

1) Concave - Seaside, CA, United States - http://www.facebook.com/concavesound and http://concave.bandcamp.com
Concave is the solo instrumental project of James Findlay.
New album "Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn" out December 3rd 2013
Previous releases: "History Is The Future" on January 11th 2011 and "A Journal Of Civilization" in 2006.

The music is a mix of metal, post rock and indie rock and is heavily influenced by bands like HUM, Shiner, Pelican, Don Caballero, High On Fire, Built To Spill and Isis.

2) Concave is a band from Cardiff which features Members of Brutality Will Prevail, Hot Damn and Ironclad.
Concave put out a 6 track EP in January 2013 filled with emo jams you can make love to, feel down to and chill out to. Their second release 'Hard To Find' is to be released in March 2016. Their single 'Let Go' was premiered during Daniel P Carter's show at BBC Radio 1 in January 2016.
For fans of: Crime In Stereo, Brand New, American Analog Set.

Twitter - @CONCAVEuk
Bandcamp - www.concave13.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/concaveuk
Facebook - www.facebook.com/Concaveuk/

3) There is a now defunct pop punk band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil formerly known as Concave - http://www.myspace.com/concaverj

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