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  • Avatar for phosgene
    Kanye may be a pretentious douchebag but dear Dod, his production is just heavenly and the use of counterpoint on this particular track would make Bach blush
  • Avatar for alefspfc
    Never looking back or too far in front of me, the present is a gift and i just wanna be
  • Avatar for Cheap100
    Nice one, Mr. West.
  • Avatar for ZacB182
    One of Kanye's best beats.
  • Avatar for Akyde
    Both lyrics and beat are great! Sets the tone for an uhmazing album! [2]
  • Avatar for IDKmyusername
    Kanye at his best.
  • Avatar for celexicdream
    I'm not exactly spiritual but these lyrics are damn good.
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Sets the tone for an uhmazing album!
  • Avatar for Trigun99
    just B
  • Avatar for carAnthony
    the best intro ever! [2]
  • Avatar for bleachgeek4973
    Dope as fuck, I wish it would never end.
  • Avatar for sofiefx
    best intro ever.
  • Avatar for jesusislife77 ......... ..... If anyone has a minute please check out my new album April Olatunji - First Steps ....... Blessings
  • Avatar for chanelle79
    Love this Intro
  • Avatar for tama-cha
    love this
  • Avatar for kubA89
    the best intro ever!
  • Avatar for jessem131
    that synth
  • Avatar for bloodypradarags
    One of the most real songs, and melodies ever produced
  • Avatar for MCIS
    I don't care if it is an intro, it's one of my favorite hip-hop tunes of all time. Magical beat and Common also delivers magic. The "Imma learn throo heer" line going into that main melodic line is pure brilliance and gives me the goosbumps.
  • Avatar for KRS-TW0
    One of the best intros ever.
  • Avatar for Jackschoblack
  • Avatar for Hesam-313
    fuckin crazy beat by kanye west ! one of the best beats i ever heard
  • Avatar for electricsaulee
    never looking back, or too far in front of me the present is a gift, and i just wanna be
  • Avatar for luckyleon
    Great intro.
  • Avatar for jabcok
    still my fav intro!
  • Avatar for kingira
    this beat is so dope. sounds sort of like some of the work he did with jon brion on late registration. can't believe i just now started listening to this.
  • Avatar for vordoion
    Damn i fuckin love the way the beat progresses.
  • Avatar for phogasmic
    Really wish this song was longer. Its my favorite on the album.
  • Avatar for Supermandre
    man, this would be probably on the top of my "best intro to an album ever"-list. just perfect! has such a positive vibe.
    AMAZING intro. hit replay over and over.
  • Avatar for twangerific
    Kanye pretty much owns this production.
  • Avatar for PositiveBlack
    Best intro since Nas Stillmatic and Mega Man 2
  • Avatar for desimc89
    Amazing intro, gets you pumped up
  • Avatar for gegtik
    so tight
  • Avatar for Chubbs55
    Yeah, yes
  • Avatar for tuRtZiLLa
    this intro lets you know your in for a good time.... great album!!!
  • Avatar for walk_hi
    yeap thıs ıs hıphop baby
  • Avatar for KidNotoriousNyc
    Common is no joke
  • Avatar for phillybird
    this track lets you know youre about to hear to an album thats really worth listening to.
  • Avatar for SirPsychoFlea
    just caught this on shuffle on my mp3 player again. man this is the ultimate killer intro
  • Avatar for Eziovalerio
  • Avatar for sunremer
    smooth one...
  • Avatar for goodgreatgrand
    really good
  • Avatar for DJ_Libaman
    The beginning with the bass= DAYYYAAAAAMMMMNNN :D
  • Avatar for LLCoolD
    one of the greatest intros ever! love that baseline at the beginning and the whole instrumentation. common with superb lines! wonderful thing!
  • Avatar for Po_Boy
    this song aint right unless i listen to it at least 3 times in a row. soo good.
  • Avatar for robotpwnsyou
    common is sweeter then honey
  • Avatar for davebutter
    Best intro after... The Chronic
  • Avatar for jabcok
    dopest intro I've ever heard!
  • Avatar for NASIRismyhero
    greatest intro.


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