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Common Cause started as an idea between Daniel and Jon in late 2005. Although they both had other bands at the time (Damage Control, Soulfire and Shipwrecked), they felt there was a certain style of they wanted to play, that didn't quite fit with either of their current bands. A band drawing influences from 80's hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Straight Ahead or The Abused, rather than the X-Claim!-inspired sound of Shipwrecked or Damage Control's more melodic edge. An idea of a band that wasn't in conjunction with the latest fads, or tried to do something "new" or "progressive" - just a band that played by-the-book , and did it well. They recruited Hans (Soulfire, Turn Cold) on second guitar, P.O. (Enforcer, Damage Control, Insurance Risk) on bass and Truls (Onward, Soulfire, Washington Disease) on drums, and set out to do the band mainly on a project-basis, record a demo and maybe play a few shows. The 5-song demo was recorded in March of 2006, and upon it's release about a month later it received a lot more attention than any of the members had dared hope for. Around the same time, Damage Control called it quits, and it was decided to make the band more serious. The 7" EP "Statement Of Purpose" was released in November 2006 on Belgium's Powered Records, followed by a European tour the same month. The band has later toured Europe more extensively with bands like Justice and The First Step. A CD-version of the EP, with the demo as bonus-tracks, is currently out, also on Powered. In August the band released their first LP, titled "The Power To Change"

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