• Random Survey!

    1 Apr 2009, 19:18 by m4ilm4n

    Switch your player to random/shuffle, answer the questions with the songs it plays.

    Which song describes the mood you are in right now?
    Linkin Park - Papercut
    "Something in here's not right today."

    Which song describes the mood you are usually in?
    Hüsker Dü - What's Going On
    "I didn't hear a word that anyone said, 'cause I was concerned instead: What's going on inside my head?!"

    Which song describes one of your favourite things to do?
    Slayer - Skeletons Of Society
    A song about hating Society.. yep.

    Which song describes something else you like to do?
    Bleed the Dream - Overcrowded Room
    Hanging on to past relationships -_-

    Which song explains the way you think about love?
    Saosin - Collapse
    "'Cause we are the only ones, we will carry each other on our own" That's the way I think love should be.

    What would you sing to your soulmate right now?
    Spetsnaz - To the Core
    treat me however you want...

    Which song best represents you?
    Suicide Commando - Massaker
  • 40 shuffled songs survey

    7 Jul 2007, 20:41 by bardism