• Austin: Free Week 2009

    3 Jan 2009, 08:17 by kcasplund

    After cutting back on shows during my baby boy's first year, I've been looking forward to this excellent chance to catch lots of local bands. The expansion from Emo's to Red 7 and Mohawk (and some nights Club DeVille and Beerland) is insane! It's like a mini-SXSW without the ridiculous crowds and the badge/wristband/cover lines, wondering if you'll be able to see the show you really want to see.

    On Friday, 1/2, I started at Red 7 to see The No No No Hopes, but watched Sleezus Fist while The No No No Hopes got set up. Sleezus Fist was silly costume punk, with mohawks and fake blood to enhance the cookie cutter music. They looked to be young and having fun, but not my thing at all. The NNNHs played on the floor in front of the outside stage, and I was surprised by how much they reminded me of Railroad Jerk. They don't sound *that* similar, but the drummer swung rather than pounded, and it was good punk rock.

    Next stop was Club DeVille for The Midgetmen. …