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  • Avatar for DotsDisconnect
    wow, this is definitely quality music.
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    @cool_stuff, says the guy who knows dick about "chillwave". I still think chillwave is the dumbest name for a genre, someone should punch Carles for coining that. Regardless, this could easily be categorized as "chillwave". Loving fairlight, really hope you make it to Oregon sometime.
  • Avatar for sinkorswimm
    into it
  • Avatar for cool_stuff
    this isnt chillwave retards
  • Avatar for postmortemdecay
    So so damn good. Makes me want to get high, be alone, and just jam the fuck out.
  • Avatar for Bolshevized
    This guy could blow up... relatively speaking. Going by the Fairlight single/EP, he seems better than the other chillwave artists I've heard.
  • Avatar for fastkomplett
    VHS SEX. nuff said
  • Avatar for MarcusRimondini
    the new 'Polyhurt' may be his best yet...
  • Avatar for Kevlar64
    can i get an mp3 of klymaxx anywhere??????? can only find it on the komputer cast mix and its ridiculously good. -> <-
  • Avatar for laguerre
    Come to Brazil =]
  • Avatar for mada11
    wow/ NICE................
  • Avatar for neckbeard27
    Dude, come to Olympia, WA please!
  • Avatar for dozer_2199
    Great name.
  • Avatar for insorama
    where is the orly owl when you need it?
  • Avatar for rosaelefant
    user below me is way too smart for me
  • Avatar for infectedmodes
    Or maybe Tom Cruise hahaha.
  • Avatar for Barrychka
  • Avatar for dwinstonfidler
    love'n it.
  • Avatar for noobcaker
    Latest find and I'm diggin it
  • Avatar for Jigaly
    Norkuy is perfect
  • Avatar for Lemonstirfry
  • Avatar for OscarDTravis
    good one
  • Avatar for aroger
  • Avatar for cassielarussa
    grate on acid.......try it
  • Avatar for heavymakeup
    And Glawio is the best.
  • Avatar for DionZuurtje
    Datebar is amazing people, you need to look further than Cyanide Sisters
  • Avatar for Gregreen
    nj is da hauz
  • Avatar for bucknasty0423
    Damn that mount kimbie show is gonna bump
  • Avatar for dussud
  • Avatar for SteveCube
    Upstate NY? Where in upstate?
  • Avatar for Alleendert
    Praise the day he plays in the Netherlands...
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    @Apollo,exactly what is the purpose of trolling on bands shoutboxes? Especially bands that you don't like. It just seems like such a waste of life, but hey if that's what you want to be known as when you die. "Here lies Apollofury, the pigfucking troll"
  • Avatar for scomatsho
    I prefer Sharlie Cheen or Wruce Billis to this.
  • Avatar for Corso6
    Apollofury hahahaha )))
  • Avatar for Apollofury
    hipster caca
  • Avatar for psychic_hearts
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    I don't smoke, I vaporize :). Storz & Bickel FTW!
  • Avatar for JaJaJacksonx
    smoke dat weed ---- listen to dat com truise ---- smile
  • Avatar for heavymakeup
    They'll be free to see the world!
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    @Dion, from the looks of it he's on too :) @sarinsunday:Oberheims are great, I missed my chance at getting an OBX at a pawn shop, guy had it for half the price, I was broke as hell then though :(
  • Avatar for ApathyArouse
  • Avatar for DionZuurtje
    Could be an older version of Klymaxx, you should ask him on twitter. When he's awake he replies
  • Avatar for pftno
    what song is this? the obvious answer would be klymaxx, but on his soundcloud theres a dif song titled klymaxx ;o/
  • Avatar for sarinsunday
    I don't own a Juno, it's all about the Oberheim Matrix 6.
  • Avatar for ManeyVice
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    bonus tracks are nice, and ya don't have to have much money to get a juno,check craigslist.
  • Avatar for dwarves
    hi i'm tom kruse inventer of hoverround [3]
  • Avatar for eggshmeg35
    vvv Jealous dude is jealous. vvv
  • Avatar for dylanjn
    com truisin' in my car
  • Avatar for xxNoGodxx
    kraenk, do you even know what Reason is? He was making a joke about how he doesn't use vst's, and uses real analog synths instead. I use Reason, and Cakewalk, good stuff, but it'll never beat my Juno 60 :)


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