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  • Avatar for Diabolic_Daymi
    honestly didn't even know he was a Porn star lol was going through youtube and found his cover of losing my religion and liked it.. and here i am, people are very close minded.. anything new in the works?
  • Avatar for deadendskuddah
    scust ass nigga
  • Avatar for WeFucked
  • Avatar for unddercharlezz
    Shut up and make pr0n :P
  • Avatar for kentmoore
    ready and that's me are the best songs of his
  • Avatar for halo_dm2
    Hot, very hot, and his music and his voice is sweet. Send me a message Colton I wanna meet you!!!
  • Avatar for WeFucked
    I love him, but only in the movies.
  • Avatar for Lucastrike
    Will always be remembered as a porn star.
  • Avatar for CalebMoreno
    Vote up
  • Avatar for Chancenstein
    "Let Me Live Again" is quite fantastic.
  • Avatar for MJRocker1987
    Such judgmental, closeminded asses. And all gay men, WHAT A SHOCK. Let the man do what he does.
  • Avatar for tiagopaulino
    Should stick with porn
  • Avatar for wannagetdirty
    HE'S SO HOT <3
  • Avatar for gendervariant
    He's hawt, but his music is just awful.
  • Avatar for hvorintetlevde
  • Avatar for PedroSaldanha
    a pipa do vovô não sobe mais
  • Avatar for Nick_Spears
  • Avatar for hamlet666olsdal
    good & porn!!!!!!
  • Avatar for elrafars
  • Avatar for qualityhill
    I know i ante gonna change..............
  • Avatar for rumen_united
  • Avatar for GagaDeLaRouX
    In love with him :) but not with him music :(
  • Avatar for seabob
    Holy shit! Losing my religion is the scariest cover that I've seen. Please stick to your other talents because THIS is not it.
  • Avatar for S-aus-P
    1000th Colton-scobble today: 'I Know What Works For Me'.
  • Avatar for blackie-baby
  • Avatar for mdharris27
  • Avatar for JNez
    lol porn stars making music now?
  • Avatar for ElizabethzABish
    Hahaha, loooove his music and love his work <_<
  • Avatar for LeoBulgeboy
    Tecnomierda LGTB ESPELUZNANTE Para Los Gustos Mas MACABROS:
  • Avatar for MarlonVergani
    Deliciaaaaaaaa ♥
  • Avatar for Cease_
  • Avatar for AliciaDiniz
    Good vocalist and everything [2]
  • Avatar for olorinjoyce
    he has a good voice, decent talent! and he's hot too...
  • Avatar for LeoBulgeboy
    Wow !
  • Avatar for Rusko-Star
    alot of new hot pics up! VOTE! <3
  • Avatar for Rusko-Star
  • Avatar for Jorge_Pedro
    I think his music is awesome.
  • Avatar for DarkElvick
    I don't know why haters bother coming here. If you don't like his music, then searching out a page all about his music is probably the most idiotic thing you can do outside of actually listening to the music. IE: GTFO
  • Avatar for LucaTJ
    Gente alok eu ja quero ver os filmes dele KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK +1111111111
  • Avatar for eaglevision
    Hey Colton..Please do all of us a favor and DO NOT sing ever..EVER!! Try to do what you do best..Which is definetly not porn nor acting either..
  • Avatar for zaynzaynzayn
    Boring fake macho.
  • Avatar for habbaaoo
  • Avatar for Its_bitch
    Please, go back in porno ) Save people's mind! )) < KKKKKKKKKK
  • Avatar for andersonfarro
  • Avatar for Johnny_ville
    Oh, God, what did they do to you,
  • Avatar for afraidss
  • Avatar for nycpierre
    Listen to his new songs 'Once More' and 'The Story'! They are great too.
  • Avatar for God-Dog
    HOT!! *___*
  • Avatar for handcuter
    this guy is so asexual to me and most people like him that sell their bodies... sorry, I am not that kind of consumer!
  • Avatar for GayQueen
    oh my god! that can not be gay music! singers should have a voice, should be able to dance, and should be found. I hate those people do not have the voice and look to be present as a singer. especially all directions boring music. all go this direction which is most sold. I hate hip-hop and raps. above all is to be gay music. do not get me wrong but it is so. he looks good and has style but his voice and music can throw away


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