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  • Fav0riteThings

    Really loving this band so far. Raw sound, great lyrics, good vibe through and through.

    May 2014
  • fancyfootwork80

    last shout in 2011? ...come on... this band is really good. "May You Marry Rich" is one of my favourites this year.

    May 2014
  • Zuzii

    Love them for "You For Leaving Me" in The Grand Bizzare!!!

    October 2011
  • Criznittle

    Colourmusic "We Shall Wish (Use Your Adult Voice)" is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: July (2011)

    July 2011
  • TheRealHimself

    fucking awesome

    July 2011
  • niceguyjoe

    Saw them at DottoDot festival in Bristol recently and they rocked. Awesome live.

    June 2011
  • brightondave

    Loving the album!

    May 2011
  • wlitchfield

    Wow. I love it.

    April 2011
  • Groovemine

    Colourmusic demonstrates it is a band agile enough to jump between styles and textures even within the same song. Read more about this album on Groovemine HERE:

    April 2011
  • mikey-Oh

    oh sweet baby jesus

    February 2011
  • sweetlikehoney

    where can i download their music?

    June 2010
  • rvaen17

    Good to see another band breaking out of the musical void that is Oklahoma. Excluding the Lips and Stardeath, of course

    January 2010
  • benj987

    Suprised to find out these guys are American since they spell colour our(i.e. correct) way.

    November 2009
  • BokuX

    i uploaded a new picture please vote!

    October 2009
  • SoulSonicMag

    Best show to happen upon last Monday in Visalia. Gotta see them again.

    December 2008
  • Paex18

    Unicorn! You rock!

    November 2008
  • IndieTickets

    Tickets for the Nov. 5th show at the Mink in Houston are available NOW!

    October 2008
  • mel-opho-be

    We review albums in fifty words. You can see our Fifty Word review of Colourmusic's latest album on the site!

    September 2008
  • markhenning

    Liking your recordings. Nice work.

    September 2008
  • redhalo

    Still having happy thoughts of the Vancouver show experience! Come back soon! Kick some ass at SXSW!

    March 2008
  • redhalo

    WOW! If you like music... this is the place!

    March 2008
  • tinyknots

    does anyone know where i can get lyrics to their songs? google isn't much help.

    October 2007
  • Juh812

    Always a good time. Plus, they look sexy in white track suits.

    August 2007
  • dRool89

    Good stuff.

    April 2007
  • Tony2Nice

    See. This. Band. Live.

    July 2006