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This is an Album sang by Artist: COLLEEN ROSE NOVAK, she is also the lyricist of all 13 tracks.

Colleen's message is to Love and to keep the faith in a world full of trials, the goal is to inspire the hearts that fall and souls that get pulled away.
Born in New York, Colleen is a child of Broadway Actors, Dancers, Singers, 4 parents through divorce and many battles.

Colleen sang in bands starting in her teens then moved to Los Angeles where finding the band to work with was full of obstacles. From her frustration came a Love that she would never replace, writing and recording songs.

Colleen credits the beginning of her recording career to George Costello, a man that believed in her and brought her into ALMO Sound for her first professional recording ever, Steve Stone for leading her to write songs, special thanks to Derek Alpert for studio time and Irwin Pincus of GPS Music for believing in her, the rest is history.

If you really want to know who Colleen is, it is all in the music.
God Bless Us Indeed!

Colleen Rose Novak

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