• Why are these British gents so needlessly cruel? :(

    23 Jan 2007, 05:50 by zigzo_pazoru

    This could be just a late night rant, but here goes anyway:

    Now...I can love anyone. I never start out hating on someone because of where they're from or who they represent. All I care about is that you present yourself in an open-minded, kind, fair, respectful, and intellectual manner. We're all complex human beings with clashing personalities, I understand this, but there are certain rules of etiquette that can make or break a potentially harmless situation. A fairly decent sense of humor--those who possess it are lucky and more than likely to have a brain and appreciate others with one as well. I'd like to take all the following as a joke but... Good Lord.

    Anyway, I asked this question on an IMDB board a few days ago... and maybe it's because I'm a little sensitive about national/international relations--I'm an anti-religion pro-world peace neo-hippie, sue me:

    Did Sacha Baron Cohen say "You Yanks" at the Golden Globes with a little... …