• Behave Yourself EP

    7 Feb 2011, 11:51 by ggnomeproject

    When I hear about some new EP, I pray to merciful Cthulhu that it won’t be another “experimental” EP of crap a band I like could never get away with on a real album and even better, that, as an EP, it’ll cut out all the filler you’d hear on a 10+ track LP. Oh, Cthulhu has blessed us indeed, party people.

    Track-by-track breakdown (because you’re still not convinced you should buy the EP):
    1)Audience: You take classic, piano-driven Cold War Kids and add on the tricks they learned on Loyalty to Loyalty, make it even slicker, and play off the old “playing for an audience of one” cliché. They make the cliché work here though. And the little production flourishes all over the track make it hard not to listen again and again.

    2)Coffee Spoon: Ooh-wooooo. Ooh-woo-ooh-ooh-woooo. That’s not Jim James and My Morning Jacket—it’s Cold War Kids—but you might not know that till the beat kicks in. “You are my coffee spoon,” he belts. Sounds kinky, like he wants someone to stir his coffee with their finger. …
  • The Cold War Kids Dazzle Sold-Out Crowd

    2 Feb 2010, 00:23 by brownwitty

    Sat 23 Jan – Cold War Kids

    (This is a piece I wrote for my high school newspaper/weblog, the James Logan Courier. See for more.)

    On the night of Saturday January 23rd the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco was alive with tension and anticipation. Tickets to the sold-out Cold War Kids show were being scalped for amounts far exceeding face value and fans were expecting a passionate and intimate show at the superb venue.

    As the lights went down for opener Alec Ounsworth the crowd had a positive energy that is rarely seen in response to opening bands. I was unfamiliar with Alec Ounsworth, but the lead singer of the ensemble eventually introduced himself as Alec and noted that he and his companions were playing material from his solo project, and two other projects, Flashy Python and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Once fans heard that this eccentric singer was also the lead singer of the moderately popular Clap Your Hands Say Yeah the generally good attitude only improved. …
  • Cold War Kids at the Fillmore (Again!)

    1 Feb 2010, 08:57 by Evil-Chick

    Sat 23 Jan – Cold War Kids

    Don't know why I didn't post anything about the last time CWK played the Fillmore. Maybe that's why they decided to play there again and maybe they'd have been stuck there forever if I hadn't posted something (Not that there would be anything wrong with that).
    I can't remember who opened their concert that time? Was it the awful We Barbarians? I think so. Luckily this time they brought someone new: Alec Ounsworth of Flashy Python and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah fame. He was good, not run-home-buy-all-his-music good, just I'm-having a-good-time good.
    Alec's part of the concert lasted forever.

    Then Cold War Kids took the stage.
    This was one of the best CWK concerts I've been to, musically they're always excellent but this time there was more interaction with the audience. It was great, so great that I didn't even care that my heavy camera betrayed me and decided not to work that night. …