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  • Avatar for DenJUVE
    So, why is the First song is not so popular on ratings?
  • Avatar for Ermolaeff
    How come Miracle Mile isn't even in the Top-10?
  • Avatar for kingtolson2
    how to add a band to library
  • Avatar for byungjoo
    First you get close, then you get worried. [3]
  • Avatar for nas_mesh_nik
    we need more stunning music like Robbers and Cowards
  • Avatar for PenThales
  • Avatar for pstonem
    Hotel Anywhere! <3
  • Avatar for vidalog32
    Eu não gostava muito do som desses caras (Para falar a verdade, eu achava bem chatinho). Mas, sei lá! Hoje eu gosto "Pra Caraleo"... Mesmo eu não sendo muito fã desses tipos de músicas que seguem um padrão todo certinho, pois minha pegada está mais para um blues "Porra Loka" com solos extremamente ruidosos, tenho de admitir que na praia deles (...) eles são muito bons (Excelente). Enfim, independente do seu "Perfil Musical", explorando com calma e tranquilidade o som do Cold War Kids será impossível não se interessar pela qualidade evidente em todos pontos que envolvem suas músicas. | "Tuxedos" é a melhor prova disso*
  • Avatar for MrTvister
    First's chorus is so powerful, ♥
  • Avatar for thekillingspree
    First you get close, then you get worried. [2]
  • Avatar for Ermolaeff
    First you get close, then you get worried.
  • Avatar for jenn_cmr
    Check out the new song from The Airborne Toxic Event!
  • Avatar for leonarbe
    Hot Coals! what an under-rated songs... but powerful!
  • Avatar for LubieWieszaki
    love First [3]
  • Avatar for Entea8
    love First [2]
  • Avatar for Elaquedescobriu
  • Avatar for alexjohanssen
    love First
  • Avatar for tresfoufou
    The songs are amazing, but I think I like them cuz they look like freaks.
  • Avatar for CatalystDM
    Ya I like the new album
  • Avatar for TheLongNose
    new album definitely better than expected. reminds me of the first two records and put yourself in a good mood :)
  • Avatar for stilldirrtyja
    Hold My Home is awesome! "First" just might be the best song I've heard all year "All This Could be Yours" and "Drive Desperate" are just as great!
  • Avatar for justfetus
    how can people not like Loyalty to Loyalty? Their first two albums were golden. Regardless, this new album is surprisingly good, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. My ranking would be R&C > LTL > Hold My Home >>> Dear Miss Lonelyhearts > Mine is Yours
  • Avatar for dhabu
    First - I must play it until I hate it <3
  • Avatar for anerium
    "hold my home" is pure love <3
  • Avatar for Volt-Age
    This record is exactly what I needed this year.
  • Avatar for keanequeen
  • Avatar for GizemAksoy
    the new record is pretty cold war kids.
  • Avatar for sls
    "kids of the cold war, that's what we've become / inherited troubles, i'm mentally numb" -ozzy, "crazy train"
  • Avatar for kayvanfleet
    If you need a CWK fix, I'm already obsessed with this. Check out this release off Nathan & Matt's new album "Is Exotic Bait" from their band French Style Furs
  • Avatar for Indiahughes
    I could not love CWK any more then I do and have done for the last four years, I would do anything I could to see them live, if you have done so, I would love to hear about it!
  • Avatar for emankcuf
    Magic voice. This is the case when the lyrics don't matter. He's like Jack White
  • Avatar for madsupersonic
  • Avatar for rogulss
    god make up your mind is brilliant
  • Avatar for Killtecc
    new album seems to be pretty good
  • Avatar for suicidal_disco
    So boring.
  • Avatar for Oleg289
    MIY > R&C > DML > LTL
  • Avatar for SuGaCaT
    cursed being born in europe! EURO tour?! Anytime soon? :)))
  • Avatar for Punk-Fiction
    I have no obligation to 'move on' if everything after R&C is bland and generic indie garbage. Just because an artist has 'moved on' doesn't mean that all of their work must be treated equally. Cold War Kids can 'experiment' with new sounds all they want, everyone is completely entitled to say that they suck if they don't meet the potential they set for themselves with their debut. Artistic progression doesn't instantly trump dissent.
  • Avatar for vidalog32
    posso dizer que conhecendo melhor Cold War Kids, o som deles não é nada ruim. ¬¬
  • Avatar for Elaquedescobriu
    Beltusek, I couldn't agree more.
  • Avatar for Beltusek
    I'm sick and tired of this 'oh my god I wish they made something like Loyalty to loyalty or Robbers and Cowards again'. Shut the fuck up and move on like they did.
  • Avatar for melodymann
    god make up your mind
  • Avatar for Timvank
    I agree, c0rdell.
  • Avatar for Alexzandra86
    absolutely amazing band
  • Avatar for stilldirrtyja
    CWK haven't caught my attention since Robbers & Cowards, but DML is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. "Bottled Affections" = <3
  • Avatar for Streetsweeper01
    Loving this album
  • Avatar for c0rdell
    so know one else think they peaked at Loyalty to Loyalty ?
  • Avatar for Kanetoad1992
    I prefer Dear Miss Lonelyhearts a lot more that Loyalty to Loyalty and Mine is Yours, but in comparison to Robbers & Cowards they're all incredibly average. I just don't understand what happened after that first album.
  • Avatar for Fullmettall
  • Avatar for Elaquedescobriu
    I'm one month late, but i'm so happy with the new album. These guys are just amazing!


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