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  • TCBTS was inevitable - I always knew there'd be a non-conceptual album. I bet this will never happen again. Either way, it's an amazing album and if you don't like it then you're not a fan of music - because if they kept the same pattern you'd call them the new AC/DC and complain they don't do anything new or different. It's more pop than the previous albums but it adds that much more musicality to it, instead of just being an album they copied using their older material.
  • Fantastic concert in Paris
  • Yea at first I thought the new album was just okay. But after more listens it has been slowly growing on me. I say give it a chance.
  • So instead of a 10 year anniversary pressing of a GREAT album, they release a shitty new non-conceptual album?
  • Große Boxset + T-Shirt Verlosung!
  • i wish they were good again
  • Here To Mars is powerfully beautiful.
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • The more I listen to TCBTS, the more I fall in love; the demos are awesome too!
  • Catchy af, Atlas is a top tier Coheed song. 8/10, a fine addition to their disco.
  • The Color Before the Sun is a thousand times better than Year of the Black Rainbow, so at least there's that. I liked it well enough. Definitely not as good as The Afterman, but there were enjoyable songs, so fuck it. Not everything a band releases is going to be perfect.
  • Peace To The Mountain. Awesome new album!
  • New album isn't bad, but still little bit of a disappointment after incredible The Afterman albums.
  • New album is awesome,
  • New album is just alternative rock, it's weird but it isn't bad at all.
  • "remember when coheed was prog? now they fucking suck" Yeah i remember, since they still kinda are.
  • Вокал хороший, редко такое встречаю, ставлю Льюиса :D
  • The new album is phenomenal. The Audience and Peace to the Mountain are arguably the two best songs Coheed has put out in the past 5+ years, and the studio version of Atlas is beyond beautiful. Island is a hell of a good opening track as well. A bit of a short album, especially since 3 of the 10 were already released, but this is a phenomenal album. I already love it so much more than The Afterman.
  • New album is very boring. Had low expectations going in though so I wasn't too disappointed.
  • New Album Is Great!!! They never disappoint.
  • This newest album is the most boring thing I've listened to in a long time. [2]
  • I have to admit, although I thought the two new singles were okay, they were (by Coheed standards) pretty simplistic, repetitive, generic, and "radio-friendly" to the point of seeming manufactured. I was worried as hell. Those singles are by FAR the worst songs on the new album though. I was pleasantly surprised. It is definitely still different, but in a more earnest and less mainstream genericism kind of way. Elements of Queen, Green Day, sludgy blues-rock in the vein of The Black Keys or even Sabbath linger around the edges of some songs. There's an incredible variety here, and a good portion of it is damn good.
  • New album is dope! I really like this sound
  • This newest album is the most boring thing I've listened to in a long time.
  • I'm a little anxious about this new direction for Coheed, but the Afterman series held some of their best work by far for me, so I'm optimistic. At least they're still trying to change 20 years into their career. If they tried to make another Good Apollo it would just be boring honestly.
  • remember when you should have SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH
  • remember when coheed was prog? now they fucking suck
  • Here to Mars is perfect :D
  • Not liking the new direction. Have lost most of my interest after the second single dropped. I'll wait and see, there might be hope of songs for those of us that preferred the sounds found in IKSSE3/Good Apollo 1, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Here to Mars!
  • New single sounds to me like they're just having fun with this new album. I'm all for it.
  • The first two albums are Rush playing pop punk lol
  • The new single is Rush playing pop punk, but I like it.
  • Great music!
  • I'm ok with different; Coheed and Cambria can usually pull off other styles and stuff. It's fine to mix things up sometimes.
  • I like the new single, it's more pop punk influenced like some of the SSTB tracks. Not fantastic by any stretch but still decent.
  • New single is outright pop punk. They've a strange mix of influences.
  • I like the second stage turbine. Other albums, idk meh. Heard these guys from a friend in my childhood . #nothingbutbadmemoriesbutgoodmusicnonetheless
  • At first I was a little heartbroken but I honestly think it is the right move, I think they do need to prove that they're not just some concept gimmick band (15 year old me just died writing that) Besides if you told me the new song was about the story I wouldn't have thought otherwise.
  • holy SHIT the new single is boring as fuck
  • Don't really like the new single, but it's not like it's scary new territory for Coheed either. The Afterman series is my favorite in the Coheed catalog and those albums had their fair share of Pop Punk tunes like this one.
  • New song sounds very promising!
  • New single is pretty great, a bit different than the last few albums but definitely Coheed.
  • check out all the free music at [label]Explodivision[/label]
  • Really hoping the Key Entity Extraction suite continues.
  • Year of the Black Rainbow is pretty great. I don't really get the hate for it.
  • happy rock with little of punk


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