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  • Avatar for Bumpy82
    seeing them live next week. (Y)!
  • Avatar for tantan_tron
  • Avatar for Schorleandino
    Recontra chévere.
  • Avatar for syn1c
    i like this.
  • Avatar for malditadice
    te deja llevar, muy de chica pero con onda.
  • Avatar for sovay
    "i'm pretty sure the inspiration comes from the university of hawaii rainbow warriors :]" (2) represent! ^^
  • Avatar for krischanski
    Nee. Das ist doof. Zu diskomäßig.
  • Avatar for Barracuda_
    so lovely :)!
  • Avatar for DarkGerudo
    there's something wonderful about this song!
  • Avatar for Egon1337
    omg what was that.
  • Avatar for lebuar
    i love these girls
  • Avatar for wordfortreasure
    These chicks are on their own planet. I spent far too long being sucked into youtube land, watching CocoRosie documentary-type interviews and their homemade videos... half-closed eyes and slurred speech, lethargically hanging all over each other... are they just pretending to be heroin addicts? Something very creative, sad, and beautiful under the ditsy/cutesy act.
  • Avatar for darked69
    not getting anything from it ;{
  • Avatar for Childovthenight
    I can never get enough of this song. Such a great song. Can't even describe how much i like this song!
  • Avatar for baccarati
    I think they are so ridiculous and cute!
  • Avatar for JamesBathory
    Love the song :)
  • Avatar for Polissena82
    adorabile <3
  • Avatar for anthropologie
    i'm pretty sure the inspiration comes from the university of hawaii rainbow warriors :]
  • Avatar for jackcday
    The video for this is soo awesome
  • Avatar for Mah-c
  • Avatar for anais8
  • Avatar for udoo
  • Avatar for rabidmoon
    it seems that's another mediocre experimental song but actually it's pretty addictive.
  • Avatar for verandi17
    enya chorus? weird!!
  • Avatar for ca-ro-li-na
  • Avatar for faninside
    awinboue! :0)
  • Avatar for KiiTyii
  • Avatar for victrolabot
    This song is brilliant. So pretty, too.
  • Avatar for Furious_Val
    very good actually :)
  • Avatar for animalangel
  • Avatar for gnomoshky
    Simplemente no puedo dejar de amar el caballo!!!
  • Avatar for chunkychew
    I think I like it?
  • Avatar for SofiaRoundtree
  • Avatar for kertin
    some things are just really beautiful!
  • Avatar for marcusz90
    i fell in love with this song. absolutely!
  • Avatar for grungegirl27
    Yeah, nice beat :D
  • Avatar for Viniloviejo
    si, pero..
  • Avatar for True_Bourdieu
    it's like Bjork learnt how to create good melodies
  • Avatar for True_Bourdieu
    such an unusual song
  • Avatar for noEulogy
  • Avatar for Vinetoo
    On of the best concerts which I saw on Open'er Festival
  • Avatar for styyska
    deadly :) love them
  • Avatar for nijntienijn
    oh yes
  • Avatar for dip_not
    that's oke :P
  • Avatar for KSLM
    I love it! : O
  • Avatar for svjugs
    Great track.. Bjork sounding vocals definitely a plus here
  • Avatar for Packiesla
    I like this..nice beat
  • Avatar for hunnybunny21
    it sounds like a dreamy native american trip.
  • Avatar for smoothasice
    Bam-BaBam-BaBam-Bam read backwards & repeat 5 times
  • Avatar for adia3
    uważam, że są genialne..nieprzeciętne!!:)


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