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  • Avatar for DrHouse8888
    That voice is awesome!
  • Avatar for G8Rbuttercups
    Freak~out!'' Why yes..super freak.. Using numbers and stuff:)
  • Avatar for psycholyone
  • Avatar for JUNEBUGGY72
    This is da shit !
  • Avatar for markiiitu
    kinda hard to write this song name
  • Avatar for fosb88
    Wouldn't be surprised if its 2112, with the Syrinx ref!
  • Avatar for daveandi
    these dudes F-IN ROCK live! One ot the best live shows EVA!
  • Avatar for DktrAgonizer
    Probably one of my favorite songs. It's just so odd and catchy.
  • Avatar for ninjaguyx
    GodDAMN!! So good.
  • Avatar for vx_GASMAN
    Man alive, the jive and lyrics!
  • Avatar for floydianslip313
    First heard this song on the jukebox in the beginning of Prey. Loved it ever since!
  • Avatar for Hoemaa
    sehr binäre mucke .... absolut trinkenswert!
  • Avatar for clintbeed6793
    This song is so awesome. I love Clutch
  • Avatar for UrEnemy
  • Avatar for PorcupineTree07
    gotta love tasting them kittens! : )
  • Avatar for wedonttanwerust
    them lyrics are whackadoeshus
    Who is Ron Bone..?
  • Avatar for 007staples
    MmmmHmmm....Love this song!
  • Avatar for getdeclue
    insane classic blues undertones LOVE IT!
    My bro turned me on to these guys about 5 years ago, and music hasn't been the same since. These regulars joes rock and f**kin roll!!
  • Avatar for evildeadjedi
    Man alive the jivin' lyrics Radioactive, don't come near it Temple of Syrinx having the bake sale of the year. .......This band is so awesome!!!!!
  • Avatar for ghostchild1979
    best song name ever....whatever the fuck it means. lol
  • Avatar for JustinSane1919
    awesome! hands down bar none
  • Avatar for DeathTollRises
    the royal hunting grounds are always forbidden ... take care you robot lords of tokyo
  • Avatar for ASSHOLE2
    Fucking epic song
  • Avatar for gravmichau
    10001110101 is 1141 in bin
  • Avatar for Pankii
    Pretty good song.
  • Avatar for DrEfficient
    There's always room for a Rush reference!
  • Avatar for rawhgwar
    probably the only band that could make binary code badass
  • Avatar for k___B
    Mindblowing intro, all goes downhill from there though :/
  • Avatar for ZoidbergatKHI
    Among the metal ones, a messenger will rise... 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 01
  • Avatar for salaciousmusic
    Genius song.
  • Avatar for WiffleBallTony
    Robot lords of Tokyo...
  • Avatar for The_Goodfella
    I love how this song begins.
  • Avatar for Gizzm
    For all the alt. pop rock funksters! Groovy!

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