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  • @MisterJunior Yeah, I mean a lot of people would agree with you. Clutch themselves don't like this album that much either, unfortunately. I get why you think sticking a live version of Spacegrass at the end is tacky but it doesn't bother me, I think the breathing space they give between that and Drink to the Dead makes it work. A lot of people don't like Careful with that Mic either but I think it's a bit of fun. My least favourite album of theirs is definitely Strange Cousins From The West but I have had an urge to listen to it recently.
  • @Vod_Crack Oh, don't get me wrong, I still like this record a lot. And actually it's not my least favorite (that would be Transnational Speedway League), but I still think it's a bit of a misstep after The Elephant Riders and before Blast Tyrant. Having said that, I saw them twice on the tour for this record and they were incredible live around this time. Like, even more so than they usually are. Basically I just don't like "Careful with That Mic" and I could take or leave "Frankenstein," and I'm just not fond of live versions of old songs being tacked on to new LPs. The live "Spacegrass" is amazing, I'm just not a fan of the use of live tracks in this context from an ideological standpoint.
  • this has to be my favorite Clutch record, I really dig the unique muddied sound on this one
  • v Agree, I absolutely love this record, it has its' specific style and sound, but still I have a feeling that every song is kinda different. Somehow I consider it to be the most unique Clutch's CD, although all of them are uncommon. And even if few songs got weird lyrics, they all definitely have the groove which makes my whole body sway, so I don't mind it!
  • Oh dear, I have to absolutely disagree with you there MisterJunior. Most of the songs on PRF are actually pretty great. Red Horse Rainbow, as you mentioned, is fantastic. I am also quite fond of some of the lesser appreciated tracks like American Sleep and The Great Outdoors. However... I can't really defend Frankenstein. I don't mind it musically but the lyrics are dreadful. Some of the lyrics on the album generally are definitely Clutch's weakest but still kick the shit out of most bands. I also think that the live version of Spacegrass at the end is absolutely incredible. I have never heard another version as good as it and I probably never will, as they seem to be keen on playing it far too fast these days.
  • Probably my least favorite Clutch album, but it says a lot about the quality of this band that it's still a very good record. "Careful with That Mic..." hasn't aged well and the live version of "Spacegrass" is unnecessary, but everything else is at least passable. Particularly fond of "Red Horse Rainbow" and "Brazenhead."
  • I love the production on this one...so dirty, angry and powerful:3
  • This album gets a lot of hate but, the only track I don't like is Frankenstein. It gets tons of flack for the production, which is muddy and dense but I don't care cause the songs kick ass!
  • my favourite
  • Great album!

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