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  • Avatar for Hubbetisten
    Really like the direction he's taken in the latest album. Incredibly beautiful all the way through
  • Avatar for usesidedoor
    For those of you that enjoy Clouckicker's "heavy side", you will most likely enjoy Miroist (in case you don't know the band yet).
  • Avatar for MICHAELETRON
    subsume 2 plz
  • Avatar for TheAporia
    Hello, if you like djent and bands like Gojira, Vildhjarta then check our music!
  • Avatar for TheBlackRaven87
    Every song on "Fade" has a beautiful atmosphere. A great example of post-rock / metal. I like it a little bit more than "The Discovery" which is great in its own way as well.
  • Avatar for soullessmate
    This man can do no wrong! New album has left me breathless.
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    Sometimes I have a hard time clearing my head, Cloudkicker helps me to do that. Thanks Ben
  • Avatar for BLOODPAIN
    cloudkicker and chill
  • Avatar for The_dglgmut13
    Woum is wonderful. Lovely hearing Ben's brain progression through Cloudkicker releases.
  • Avatar for brandnewshoe
    New album is very chillin
  • Avatar for Zaurier
    outstanding music!
  • Avatar for StuffYourTacos
    Amazing stuff man. Truly one of my favouitte artists
  • Avatar for Glaubenslav
    Самый любимый исполнитель :3
  • Avatar for The_Discovery New video for Sky Guide :)
  • Avatar for Foxi-rose-mary
    ... so IN LOVE... with THIS MUSIC my MUSE... PERFECTO
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
  • Avatar for roadkillfacepnt
    the Live With Intronaut album tho? that shit is massive, i didn't think that those songs could sound *better* than the originals
  • Avatar for Dream-core
    love this dude's music. The Discovery is one of my favorite albums from him. [3]
  • Avatar for Dream-core
    Крайне отлично.
  • Avatar for progfly
    this (sorta) new wave of one man bands is awesome (Cloudkicker, Sithu Aye, Plini, and others).. they've taken progressive metal/rock to a whole new level.. unlike the average, repetitive djent. their attention to detail is ridiculous!
  • Avatar for GriendClub
    Крайне плохо
  • Avatar for knight_88
    love this dude's music. The Discovery is one of my favorite albums from him. [2]
  • Avatar for ironhedd
    Beacons is my personal fave. Why is it so low in the charts?
  • Avatar for Gapkilla
    love this dude's music. The Discovery is one of my favorite albums from him.
  • Avatar for Flamelord
  • Avatar for Solarianairalos
    CLOUDKICKER IS REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for DarkMessengerVI
    You and Yours ...awesome track!!
  • Avatar for AV_Virus320
    The one artist from which I CONSTANTLY look forward to new music.
  • Avatar for odysseusaurus
    I want the track Parliament on an infinite loop. My only complaint on the album is this track needs to be about eleven minutes longer.
  • Avatar for jj8937
    Little Histories review:
  • Avatar for ValeriaSixx
  • Avatar for Nix42
    I fail at life...How have I slept on Cloudkicker for so long?? Really, REALLY good.
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    Hmmmm. I haven't really loved his last 3 or so releases but it would take the weight of the fucking world for me to lose respect in Ben. He's the man.
  • Avatar for Lambsisters
    New ep is a perfect culmination of everything he's done up to this point. Beautiful
  • Avatar for spiderferi
    he is making something great.
  • Avatar for OcellatedGod
    This guy needs a band. Then he could make something really great.
  • Avatar for soullessmate
    This guy is a legend
  • Avatar for The_dglgmut13
    Little Histories is positively beautiful.
  • Avatar for illninoese
    Loving the new EP
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Bandcamp [url=]Little Histories[/url]: New EP is out and it's genius. [2] |m|
  • Avatar for qlacs
    New EP is out and it's genius.
  • Avatar for AMI-ANT
    New album announced for december 1st !
  • Avatar for cloudinabottle
    our raw post-rock demo can be found at celestial and warm. thanks.
  • Avatar for rummedings95
    a true genius.
  • Avatar for sco703
    Could anything ever top You and Yours? I'm not sure. Few things are as beautiful as that piece of music.
  • Avatar for ShamrockFox
    subsume needs more listeners. Excellent EP.
  • Avatar for MCMLXXXX
    Езжу на велосипеде по городу под его музыку, FADE больше всего тянет.
  • Avatar for Claggy
  • Avatar for my_surfboard
    couldkicker sets an example metal bands really should spend more time studying and furthering
  • Avatar for McMarl
    удачи да дачи


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